TWO English teaching positions

KCC Japan Education Exchange is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for TWO English teaching positions at Kobe College High School in Nishinomiya, Japan beginning in April 2014. The application deadline is July 31, 2013 and interviews will be held in August.

Application materials are available on the Kobe College Corporation website:

More information about Kobe College and Kobe College Corporation:  Kobe College was founded by Congregational missionaries in 1875 for the education of young Japanese women and is located in Nishinomiya, a suburb of Kobe and Osaka. It offers high quality education based on Christian principles and is well known as one of the best women’s schools in Japan.  In 2005, its Junior High School division was recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science for offering one of the very top English language programs in Japanese junior high schools.

KCC Japan Education Exchange (KCC-JEE) is a non-profit organization located in Chicago, Illinois, which has worked with Kobe College for 93 years to promote cross-cultural education. For over 60 years, we have recruited and supported teachers of English in the high school division.  Our program of recruiting teachers is well established.  KCC-JEE is committed to providing support to our recruits to ensure that they have a successful and fulfilling experience. Other KCC-JEE sponsored programs include student and faculty exchange programs, graduate fellowships, college internship program and high school essay contests