Attention ISEP Applicants: Scholarship Opportunity!

ISEP is accepting nominations from U.S. member institutions for student scholarships funded through The New York Community Trust-Annette Kade Fund.
Annette Kade $2,000 Scholarships – semester and full year students (2 available for Semester 2 of 2010-11)
Annette Kade $1,000 Scholarships – semester and full year students (5 available for Semester 2 of 2010-11)
Grants will be awarded to U.S. ISEP academic year and semester exchange participants in order to support students with a genuine interest in studying abroad but do not have sufficient financial resources. The award criteria for the scholarships include academic background, desire to improve language ability, and genuine financial need.

Must be a U.S. ISEP nominee for France, Germany, Austria or Switzerland (full year, semester, or the combined semester/summer ISEP-Direct program at Marburg).

ISEP Scholarship Application Form (PDF) signed and endorsed by home ISEP coordinator.

Two completed essays.

Mandatory completion of a post-exchange student evaluation form.

Essay Questions:
All applicants must submit a response to two essay questions- the first based on financial need and the second relating to the culture/language of the host country.
Applications are available to download now on the ISEP website. All nominations should be submitted to ISEP by October 15, 2010. Scholarship recipients will be notified in late November.

Make the Most of Your Money with an Exchange Program!

Despite the fact that tuition rates are rising, study abroad is still an affordable option!
The International Student Exchange Program can help you to study abroad as an exchange student, with a choice of 28 different countries!
As an ISEP student, you pay a program fee based on VCU’s tuition, fees, room and board. You can find more information on the Education Abroad website.
From Denmark to Japan to Uruguay…from Business to Sculpture to Political Science…there is an ISEP program for everyone!
Check out this list of participating ISEP Exchange universities!
Mont St. Michel at Sunset- Alayna Paliskis.jpeg

Study Abroad for Less!

Tuition rates may be going up, but did you know that you can study abroad for less? Here are 15 programs that are under $11,000* a semester!

*includes tuition, room and board

Programs on every continent!
Gabarone, Botswana $5,800
ISEP Direct
Humanities/Education/Business/Applied Sciences
Vina del Mar, Chile $8,995
Spanish Language, Literature and Film
Beijing, China $10,495
Mandarin Chinese and Internship
San Jose, Costa Rica $9,495
Spanish Language/Environmental Science
Prague, Czech Republic $10,850
International Relations/European Studies
Santiago, Dominican Republic $8,700
Anthropology/Caribbean Studies
L√ľneburg, Germany $5,380 + Room and Board (approx. $4000)
German Language/European Studies/Engineering
Cape Coast, Ghana $9,850
African Studies/Environmental Studies
Pondicherry, India $6,500
Social Sciences/Applied Sciences/Management
Meknes, Morocco $9,950
Arabic Language/French Language/ Middle Eastern Studies
St. Petersburg, Russia $10,995
Russian Language/ History/ Political Science
Matieland, South Africa $10,000
ISEP Direct
Fine Arts/ Humanities/ Social Sciences/ Public and Development Management
Seoul, South Korea $5,380+ Room and Board (approx. $3,200)
Business/International Studies/Asian Studies
Montevideo, Uruguay $6,550
ISEP Direct
Business/Education *Language of instruction is Spanish
Chiang Mai, Thailand $8,950 + Meals (approx. $750)
International Studies/Asian Studies
For more information on these programs and many others, contact:
VCU Education Abroad
817 W. Franklin St. Room 122, Box 843043
Richmond, VA USA 23284-3043
ph: 804.827.7882 fax: 804.827.0736