For my project, I’d like to create a module that would assist transfer college students get acclimated to their new transfer institution. The module would be an Introduction to the University that’s geared specifically toward transfer student success.

The module will assist transfer students:

  1. Identify and develop skills which will support academic achievement, as well as preparedness for professional success
  2. Learn specific strategies to manage time efficiently, take effective class notes, read and understand your textbooks and prepare for and take exams
  3. Understand academic requirements, expectations, policies and procedures
  4. Become an active participant in educational opportunities, including the use of resources and the exploration of internship and networking opportunities

Common transferring misconceptions:

  1. If I transfer, it will take me forever to graduate.
  2. If I transfer, I’ll feel like an outsider.

From my personal experience (as a Transfer Advisor and a former transfer college student), I feel that transfer college students (the learners) struggle learning on how to successfully navigate their transition to a new institution, the resources that will help them engage and become a part of the campus community. By addressing the struggles early on in the school year, the goal/hope is to alleviate the overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, discouraging feeling that transfer students experience transitioning to a new institution.

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  1. Yes, that’s correct Dr. Jones. I should of been more transparent about the institution. Currently VCU’s University College has a UNIV 101 Introduction to the University course that is recommended for all first-year students, but required for students that have been admitted conditionally to VCU. This module will be geared specifically for VCU transfer students.

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