What’s New? Check out the Skill Competencies for Professionals and Direct Support Staff in Virginia Supporting Adolescents and Adults with Autism

The Virginia Autism Council is a council of autism experts seeking to define needed skill competencies and to advance higher education, training and educational opportunities for personnel and caregivers supporting individuals with autism.

This website is Virginia’s clearinghouse on best practices and research-based education and training opportunities to advance personnel development and knowledge regarding autism in Virginia.

Virginia Autism Council resources include:


VAC: Spotlight on the Virginia Beach City Schools Special Education Annex

  • The Special Education Annex provides the following programs /supports;
  • Special Education Itinerant services are provided for students with IEPs and 504s within VBCPS and SECEP classrooms across the division
  • Developing High Support classrooms within elementary and secondary schools to provide the necessary materials for social, behavioral, sensory, and communication needs
  • Behavior Management Rooms at selected elementary and secondary schools designed to deescalate behaviors while introducing alternative ways to articulate emotions/feelings using,
    • Adapted art and music instruction taught in group settings
    • Numerous supportive resources to address dysregulation, social and communication skill development, through the use of technology and curriculum materials
    • Provided physical education equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, etc.
    • Adapted Physical Education
    • Adapted Art and Music
    • Assistive Technology
    • Audiological Services
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders Support
    • Early Childhood Special Education
    • Hearing Impairment/Deaf
    • Interpreter Services
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Preschool Assessment Center
    • Speech-Language Impairment
    • Visual Impairment/Orientation and Mobility

Special Project(s) currently occurring or planning

  • Sixth year of providing Autism Specialists to work with instructional staff at the elementary and secondary schools
  • Fourth year of “building” High Support classrooms with specialized lighting, carpets, a variety of chairs (bean bags, child-sized rockers, Compass, etc.), technology (iPads, laptops, etc.), individualized instructional materials, room dividers and organizers, etc.
  • Second year of embedding a highly trained paraprofessional (as a follow-up to the state paratrainings) into select classrooms to provide real-time modeling of evidence-based practices for students with ASD, for extended periods of time. This para-coaching model has demonstrated success in both elementary and secondary settings.
  • Training Trio Teams from each of the 80+ schools on successful communication/social/behavioral supports:
    • One full day of training and two-2 hour follow-up trainings spread throughout the school year
    • Administrator along with a special education and general education teacher
    • Taught using the Train the Trainer model to take back to their schools
    • Provided each school with:
      • A DVD with over 100 Evidence-based Practices; visual supports, informational sheets, research articles, PowerPoints, videos, etc. to use in their school’s training
      • A bag containing a Time Timer, fidgets (3), counter, laminated visuals on a lanyard ring, etc.