Deleting the Default Content

When you first sign in to to create your VCU WordPress user account, or whenever you create a new blog, you will see a default post that says you should “edit or delete it.” And you should — quickly. But in addition to that first post, there are a number of other items you’ll probably want to get rid of, too. Here’s a full list and how to trash them.

Delete first WordPress post

1. The first post

Go to “Posts » All Posts” from your dashboard. When you hover over the post, you should see some links appear beneath the title. Click “Trash” to move the post to the trash.

2. The first comment

The first comment will automatically be trashed if you delete the first post. If you simply change the title and content of the first post without deleting it, you can delete the first comment by going to “Comments” from your Dashboard, hovering over the first comment and clicking “Trash”.

3. The sample page

Go to “Pages » All Pages” from your dashboard. Click the “Trash” link that appears when you hover over the page to move the post to the trash.

4. The default links

Like most operations, WordPress likes self-promotion — so when you go to “Links » All Links” from your Dashboard, you’ll notice that they all link to To delete them, check the box in the table header to select them all (or, if you like exercising your mouse, the box next to each link) and choose “Move to Trash” from the “Bulk Actions” drop-down menu.