General Settings

When you first sign in to to create your VCU WordPress user account, or whenever you create a new blog, you should adjust some options and settings to better represent you and the content of your blog. Here’s a breakdown of the General Settings page. Be sure to click the “Save Changes” button near the bottom of the page so that the changes will stick.

WordPress General Settings page

1. Site Title

By default, your first blog will use the name associated with your eID as the title. You can change it to something that more accurately reflects the content of your blog by visiting the General Settings page and updating the text in the “Site Title” field.

2. Tagline

“Just another VCU Blogs site” — chances are, that doesn’t really say much about what your blog is about. You can change that on the General Settings page, too, in the “Tagline” field.

3. Timezone

This will automatically be set to “New York”, but you can change it if you’d like — perhaps you want it to sync it to your home timezone? If you do change it, be sure to choose a city in the correct timezone instead of a UTC offset. This way, the time will automatically adjust to changes between standard time and daylight savings time, if applicable.

4. Date and Time Formats

There’s probably not much reason to change these.

5. Week Starts On . . .

If you choose to show a posts calendar in one of your widgets, the first day on that calendar will be whatever you choose for this setting.