Reading Settings

The Reading Settings page for your blog lets you configure a few options that affect how readers will see parts of your blog. You’ll probably be fine leaving these alone, but if you find that you want to change one of these, here’s how.

WordPress Reading Settings page

1. Front page displays

If you don’t want a running feed of blog posts on your front page, you can choose to use a static page instead. The static page needs to be created at “Pages » Add New” first, and then you can choose to use it as the front page.

If you do this, then your posts will only be accessible through over means of navigations, such as archives by category or month. To keep a static page on the front and leave your post feed accessible, you will have to choose a ‘Posts page’ that will display your posts.

2. Blog pages show at most . . .

This figure sets how many posts will show on pages such as the home page and category or monthly archive pages.

3. Syndication feeds show the most recent . . .

Like the previous setting, this figure limits the number of posts that are included in any RSS feed, whether for your entire site, for a category, for a single post’s comments, etc.

4. For each article in a feed, show . . .

As above, do you want RSS feeds to include each post in its entirety or just a slice of the text?

5. Encoding for pages and feeds

You’ll probably want to leave this one set to UTF-8, unless, as it says, you’re adventurous.