Make Sure Your Health Plan Address Is Up to Date for Important Tax Information!

November 17, 2015

Health benefits

In January 2016, the state employee health benefits program will issue IRS form 1095-C to eligible participants as proof that coverage was offered or provided in 2015. This form is filed with your 2015 tax return to prove that you had coverage and/or that coverage was available to you during 2015 in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.  To make sure the state plan mails your form to the correct address, verify your address in the “Health Benefits Enrollment and Information” module of the state’s Employee Direct system at  If you haven’t used Employee Direct before, see the instructions at

This important form is not issued by VCU. It is generated by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management, which operates the state employee health plan.  Your VCU W-2 will be available directly from VCU as usual.

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The VCU benefits team administers employee benefits for faculty and staff of Virginia Commonwealth University. The team consists of: Daniel Jason (Benefits Manager), Daynon Smith (Senior Benefits Analyst), Sherri Goodine (Benefits Specialist), and Jennie Kim (Benefits Assistant).

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