BioE featured on VCU Engineering News!!

The BioE project is featured in the VCU Engineering News!!

To view this story on the VCU School of Engineering website, click here.


Cheers to all the students and faculty for all the hard work and dedication!!

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BioE goes global!!

Shilpa presented the ongoing progress of the BioE project at the MiP2014 – 10th MiPconference- Joint IUBMB/MiP Symposium on Mitochondrial Physiology – at Obergurgl, Austria. Abstract presented can be found at this link

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BioE -daVinci Works Collaboration Featured on VCU News!!


Click here to read the article.

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The BioE group!!


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2nd Informational Meeting. April 11th, 2014

Inviting students from all disciplines to attend.

WHEN: April 11th, 2014

WHERE: School of Engineering West Hall, Room 401

TIME: 3-4PM.

Click here to Apply.

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The Public Relations Campaign is underway!!

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Informational Meeting.. April 4th, 2014

InviteBioenergetic Email Poster-Gen

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Saturday Studio Time

This past Saturday, a group of students participated in an afternoon in the studio. The students were working on creating their designs that they have been working on over the last month on their exhibit and public relations campaign. Paint, paper, and pencils were used diligently, and after working for 2-3 hours, it was evident how much was being created.

One of the students was both inspired and challenged by the experience. “It is really amazing what was being created”, Charles Fricke, an engineering student participating said. “This was my first studio session, and I got a lot done. I wrote a rough draft of some PR material as well as started designing toys and exhibit material.” On cross collaboration, he responded: “I think that it’s a great experience working with other students, especially art students, because they helped guide my ideas, and they offered me amazing critique. They show others how to be creative and make their ideas happen.”

Many of the students were prepping for an upcoming visit to the Children’s Hospital . Gwen Wood was making stuffed mitochondria toys during the workshop. Dan Nacu was making 3D computer designs. Katy Marchese was making buttons for the kids featuring a “Mighty Mito” image, and Emily Nastase rendered an image of ATP synthase in ink and gouache (paint).

“We think ideas begin as gifts that come to us in a stroke of genius, but really great ideas are more like jigsaw puzzles that take a lot of thought; a lot of pieces and almost always completed faster when you are collaborating with others,” said Katy Marchese. “The more you communicate with others and across disciplines, the more material you have for problem solving.”

All in all, The students are now making great progress on their projects.

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QIF 2014 Award- Project Summary

VCU Quest Innovation Fund (January 2014- January 2015)
Bioenergetics: Arts meets Gentle Science in Sickness and in Health
Shilpa Iyer (Primary Project Leader), Chemical and Life Science Engineering
Sarah Faris (Secondary Project Leader), Communication Arts, School of Arts
Raj Rao (Secondary Project Leader), Chemical and Life Science Engineering

An August 2013 scientific report indicated that “Nearly 40% of our children have energy defects. An urgent cell-to-society integrative approach is needed to address this problem, to increase awareness for improving nutrition and bioenergetics of young children and their families, and ultimately the health of the nation”. This wake-up call presents an urgent need to educate the public about the importance of “bioenergetics” in their daily lives.

Bioenergetics is one of the most important emerging issues of preventive medicine, strongly related to energy transformations, aerobic exercise, healthy food and an active lifestyle. Thus, our long-term goal is to generate novel educational modules that will creatively engage the public about the important role of bioenergetics in our daily lives.

By assembling a hybrid team of VCU faculty and students from Schools of Arts and Engineering, a productive synergistic approach is being developed with mutual respect to address questions of mutual interest, and will lead us from STEM to STE(A)M to STEAM-(H) initiatives to communicate a public health concern like “Bioenergetics”. At the end of this project, the products will be displayed at the Science Museum of Virginia. This is the first time such cell-to-society interactive modules are being created for explaining bioenergetics to young children and their families.

For more information, contact:

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Energy for Life!!

Welcome to the Bioenergetics Blog. This blog serves to capture the collaborative efforts of Arts and Engineering Students in creatively designing educational modules to explain “bioenergetics” to the general public. Funding for this project has been provided by the 2014-2015 VCU Quest Innovation Fund. The awardees are Shilpa Iyer, Sarah Faris and Raj Rao from the Departments of Communication Arts (School of Arts) and Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering (School of Engineering).

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