Thanks to Prabir Mehta for creating this beautiful video that provides a virtual tour of the exhibition held at the Science Museum of Virginia. To know more about Prabir, click here.

Listen to Jessica Bishop talk about her BioE- experience!!

Dr. Shilpa Iyer and VCU Communication Arts Student Emily Tompkins featured on WTVR-CBS.

Beautiful composition (The Energy-For Grace) by Carlos Chafin– Faculty, Department of Music, VCUarts.

Bioenergetics Exhibition Inauguration Dance Piece- Thermodynamics: Ebbs and Flows of Energy.

Bioenergetics Inauguration – Energy for Life

Listen to Dr. Shilpa Iyer explain the story behind the exhibition, the creative process and the outcomes. Exhibition Opening on March 17th, 2015

Public Awareness Campaign. Interview on CW-WUPV for the 2015 Bioenergetics Exhibit and LeMasque New Year’s Eve Gala at the Science Museum of  Virginia.

A series of three digital shorts on ‘Bioenergetics’ produced by students in two days. Part of an exercise forcing them to think about energy in different forms and connections between different systems and elements. Phase II- Creation of educational modules for the 2015 Bioenergetics Exhibit

A short video created by VCU Arts and Engineering Students for Phase I- Public Relations Campaign for the 2015 Bioenergetics Exhibit

A short video created for Bioblast 2012 Conference- A Mitochondrial Festival in the Spirit of Gentle Science