Poetry is an excellent art-form that can convey emotions and creatively express science and technology, to engage with and excite a broad audience. Few samples of poems on bioenergetics are below. We would like to thank all the contributors. If you are interested in contributing, please feel free to email at engrbioenergy@vcu.edu

A Short Poem on Bioenergetics- Ayman Khan (8 years old)

“From head to toe
In my body there is energy flow
It makes me read, jump and play
At night and all through the day
The energy in me is so rich and pure
It comes from what I eat and drink I am sure
How does it come and how does it go?
I believe there is a science that makes it flow
From atoms, to molecules to cell all in a row
If in a game of tennis I get knocked
The energy in me must have been blocked
To make myself awesome and athletic
I need to tune my body to being bioenergetic”

Mito-Maya – Shilpa Iyer

Today I am going to tell you the story of MitoMayA,
Long time ago there lived a proto-mito genome,
Created by exodus of 1500 genes to nucleosome.
Persisted still the lone mitochondrial DNA,
With thirteen loyal polypeptides, and twenty two RNA.
The polypeptides formed A core organization,
Called themselves OXidative PHOSphorylation.
A series of redox reactions in the inner membrane,
Glucose was burnt to transport Electrons in a chain.
Thus hopped Electrons inside Complex 1 or 2,
Then they all whizzed right into Co Enzyme Q,
From there they raced into Complex Three,
Together, were joined by Cytochrome C;
Hand in hand into Complex 4 did they go,
To meet with Oxygen and become H2 –O.
Released energy from Complex 1, 3 and 4,
Twas used to pump protons right out of the door,
All formed chemical bonds called potential energy.
And then onwards the protons went to form mighty ATP.
Did you know they are also called Adi Shakti?
Back to inner membrane the protons ran in haste,
Till they reached the gates of ATP synthase.
To start the generator, all heaved FO _FI,
Where protons where helped with ADP and Pi,
And all of this happened in Complex 5.
For transform did they into forms of bioenergy,
Whom we know as Mito Maya or Gamma-ATP.

In Tune- Kevin Ball (Narrated at the Exhibition Inauguration)

Nature the orchestrator
Waves her arms
Striking the first chord
of her ancient song

The audience seized
Dances to the familiar hum
Each, carried by the flow
Wound and spun

As the music slows
A greater force appears
The product of unity
Attributed to all

A reminder of the linkage
The most fundamental bond
Reliance on the whole
Improbability of being one

Ode to Mitochondria- Shilpa Iyer

O mitochondria!
Engulfed by bacteria
You constantly divide
Comfortably inside
To break down food
And release energy
And radicals all free
Cause havoc constantly
Some call it ROS
Others oxidative stress
Too much free oxygen
Is bound to be a mess
O mitochondria!
Important are you,
As each and every area
Need energy or two.
Alive in our body parts,
Beating in every heart
And in brain-muscle-retina,
Till death do us part.

A short poem on Bioenergetics- Jessica Bishop

Bioenergetics, what does it mean?
It’s about the flow of energy in your body
Whether you’re a kid, adult, or teen!

With every step you stomp
And every sentence you say,
Your mitochondria are busy making energy today.

They take what you eat
And convert it to fuel,
To help you grow, play, run,
And everything cool!