Embedding Video in Posts

There are two options for embedding media inside the VCU WordPress system.

The first way is simply pasting the url of the embedded media into the “Visual” post field, like so:


The second option allows you a little more control over your embed. This involves wrapping the link in an embed shortcode — use this option when you want to retain control of the dimensions of the embed by declaring height and width properties, like so:

[embed height="180" width="320"]. . .[/embed]

Of course, be sure to replace the ellipsis with an actual link.

Bear in mind that this only works with sites that have been whitelisted by WordPress, but this list includes all the usual suspects, like

  • YouTube (only public videos – “unlisted” and “private” videos will not embed)
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr (both videos and images)
  • Hulu
  • FunnyOrDie.com

For the most recent list, please visit http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds.