Unused Personal Blogs to be Deleted on June 15

As part of routine maintenance on VCU’s WordPress installation, a number of unused personal blogs will be deleted on Friday, June 15. The following criteria were used to identify the blogs that will be deleted:

  • the blog’s path (the first part of the URL after wp.vcu.edu/) is the same as the owner’s eID; AND
  • the blog has no published posts, or the only published post is the default ‘Hello World!’ post; AND
  • the blog has not been updated since April 15, 2012.

Owners of these blogs will be notified by email that their blogs are scheduled for deletion. If there are any questions, please email the VCU Webmaster.

Most of these personal blogs were created automatically when a user logged in for the first time, a policy which has since changed. Deleting these blogs will have no effect on their owners’ privileges on non-personal blogs.