FAQ: WP Shutdown

  1. What are the step-by-step instructions to export my data from wp.vcu.edu?
    Blog content can be exported and moved to another WordPress platform such as blogs.vcu.edu by navigating to the Dashboard > Tools > Export or visiting http://wp.vcu.edu/<blog path>/wp-admin/export.php. After generating an exported .xml file you can import this file into other wordpress platforms following that platform’s instructions.
  2. What are the step-by-step instructions to import my data into blogs.vcu.edu?
    To import your generated .xml file into your new blogs.vcu.edu space navigate to Dashboard > Tools > Import and select “Wordpress”. Select your .xml file from your computer and click the “Import now” button.

    You will then be asked to map the authors of your previous blog to users of your new blogs.vcu.edu blog.

  3. Will my wp.vcu.edu site be redirected to by blogs.vcu.edu site once I move it from wp to blogs?
    Redirects will not be made automatically. To request one please submit a Service Desk ticket at go.vcu.edu/webhelp.
  4. Is there a more flexible template in blogs so that I can make my blogs site look more like my wp site?
    Web Services has been working with various stakeholders and Web Advisory Council members to include a way to make the blogs template flexible while also establishing a sense of brand and professionalism visitors expect from a VCU web property. An update to the blogs template will be deployed on Monday, November 25th that allows blog owners to make minor color changes from a selected color pallet.
  5. Can my blog site be put behind SSO?
    We do not plan on enabling VCU SSO on blogs.vcu.edu at this time.
  6. Why is the blogs.vcu.edu template so restrictive?
    Over the last few years increased effort has been put into improving VCU’s compliance in areas such as digital accessibility and online security. Decreasing the amount of options and flexibility in the template allows Web Services the ability to better ensure compliance with state and federal laws and VCU brand standards.