Drying Virginia

Along with other make readies:IMG_2014

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Making Virginia ready

Or, making the make-readies:IMG_1998

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Printing Virginia

The master printer in action.IMG_1993

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Inking Virginia


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Virginia locked up

In the chase.

IMG_1938 - Version 2

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Virginia imposed


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Proofreading Virginia

IMG_1832 - Version 2

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Virginia in formes

Okay, but would anyone use this?Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.55.35 PM
Several people have said (most of them on Claire Bourne’s Facebook page) that they would use an edition of Virginia in unfolded sheets. But Aaron Pratt objected that it would not help people set type or, more accurately, to arrange a forme of set type. He suggested that, particularly for that latter stage of the process, beginning typesetters could use a model of what the finished forme should look like: a mirror image of the printed sheet. So I’ve produced both versions, one showing the printed sheets, and the other showing the arrangement of the formes. I plan to offer both to the students who are typesetting the quarto. But would anyone else ever use this version?

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Virginia in sheets

Would anyone ever use this?Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.27.34 AM (2)

In order to help students typeset the first Va. Co. sermon, I’ve started laying out the pages as they would have appeared before the sheets were folded. Now I think that I’ll use these sheets in other, future courses that feature no typesetting. I’ll probably have students fold, sew, and open their own printouts of the reconstructed sheets, both to introduce them to how printed quartos were made and to provide them with a freeĀ facsimile of an early modern book that they’ve helped to produce. If anyone else would ever do something similar,Ā British Virginia could publish a third edition of this quarto, in unfolded sheets. So, would you have a use for a digital facsimile of a quarto in unfolded sheets? If you would, please let me know, and I’ll add Virginia Company Sermons 1.3 to the pipeline.

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Typesetting the first Va. Co. sermon

Students in Jamie Mahoney’s “Introduction to Letterpress” and my “Book History of Church Hill” course started typesetting William Symonds’ 1609 sermon to the Virginia Company of London today.

IMG_1687 2

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