British Virginia has benefited from the generous help of several people and institutions: Neal Wyatt, British Virginia’s first research assistant; Lauren Boasso, its second; Dr. Eric Garberson, who arranged for their assistantships; Bri Spicer, who designed the first logo; at VCU Libraries, Dr. Kevin Farley, Jimmy Ghaphery, Sam Byrd, John Duke, and John Ulmschneider; for the College of Humanities and Sciences, Drs. Catherine Ingrassia, Fred Hawkridge, and more recently James Coleman; at the Office of Research, Dr. Francis Macrina, Michael Newsome, and Ann Nichols-Casebolt; for the Presidential Research Incentive Program, Dr. Michael Rao; at the History Department, Drs. Sarah Meacham, John Kneebone, Bernard Moitt, Brooke Newman, and Ryan Smith; in the English Department, Dr. Terry Oggel, Dr. David Latané, Dr. Kathy Bassard, Dr. Sachi Shimomura, Margret Vopel Schluer, and Literati, as well as the students who took “Literature of the English Renaissance” in the spring of 2011; at the Virginia Historical Society, Frances Pollard, E. Lee Shepard, Jamie Davis, Amber Jones, and Brenna McHenry; at the Library of Virginia, Brent Tarter and Dr. Sandra Treadway; with the Fall-Line Early Americanists, Drs. Mathias Bergmann, Terri Halperin, Woody Linwood Holton III, Peter Kaufman, Robin Lind, Marion Nelson, and Mark Valeri; for suggesting the publication strategy, Dr. Brent Nelson, University of Saskatchewan; at Lincoln College, Oxford, Dr. Peter McCullough; at the University of Bristol, Dr. Sebastiaan Verweij; at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, Dr. Ralph Waller, Sue Killoran, Katrina Malone, and Nick Jeffries; in London, Drs. Daniel Starza Smith, Arnold Hunt, and Alison Shell; at Reading, Dr. Mary Morrissey; at Sheffield, Dr. Emma Rhatigan.

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