Virginia Slave Narratives, edited by Katharine Clay Bassard

Edward Waterhouse, A Declaration of the State of the Colony and Affairs in Virginia (1622), edited by Dylan Ruediger

The Verse Miscellany of Sir Francis Wyatt, Governor of Virginia, edited by Tatiane Pena

Aphra Behn, The Widdow Ranter (1690), edited by Julian Neuhauser


Virginia Company Sermons, edited by Joshua Eckhardt:

William Symonds, Virginia (1609): Unfolded Sheets Edition

Robert Gray, A Good Speed to Virginia (1609)

William Crashaw, A Sermon Preached in London before the right honorable the Lord Lavvarre (1610)

Patrick Copland, Virginia’s God Be Thanked (1622)

John Donne, A Sermon vpon the VIII. verse of the I. Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles (1622)

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