News Roundup: Federal Research

Want to know what’s going on the world of federal appropriations right now?  Of course you do!

R&D Funding in FY 2015 Appropriations So Far: A Roundup: LOTS of information, broken down by agency.

The congressional GOP sharpens its knives to attack scientific research: While not specifically budget related, it’s still relevant: an article from the LA Times on a rather frightening trend in which politicians ridicule specific federally funded projects based on their titles or subject matter, without any understanding of the actual science or its potential applications. Best quote:

“The question posed by all this is clear. Do you want your scientific research conducted and supervised by scientists, or by ideologues for whom the search for truth is the least desirable thing on Earth?”

It’s a pretty interesting read, with some great links as well.

 Update 12/8/14: An article that seems to be in response to the second linked article from the LA Times: Good Science for the American Taxpayer.

Read the comments.. they are more interesting than the article itself. 

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