Special Post: The CRomnibus is Upon Us!

We are all breathing a sigh of relief this morning because our government is still open! The relief may be tempered with trepidation, but it’s relief just the same. A spending bill was passed last night with just 3 hours to go before the deadline, preventing an impending shutdown of the government.  I guess our government leaders as much like faculty in that they like to work as close to deadlines as possible!

The new budget is new kind of spending bill known as a CRomnibus. The regular spending bill is referred to as an omnibus, and the bills that tide us over to avoid shutdown as omnibuses are negotiated are called Continuing Resolutions, or CR.  A CRomnibus is a combination of the two.

The CRomnibus funds the government through next September, with the exception of Homeland Security, which is only funded until February. The exception is because of the President’s recent actions on immigration, with which many lawmakers disagree.  The funding limit for Homeland Security allows more debate on that subject without the threat of the entire government shutting down in the process.

As always, there are some riders that were slipped into the 1,600 page document, and they’ve proved to be contentious: rollbacks of financial regulation, cuts to direct services for the homeless, phaseout of certain campaign finance rules, and cuts to the Pell grant program for students are just a few.

But at least the government is still at work this morning, and our awards won’t be delayed again.. unless you’re expecting funding from Homeland Security in February!

If you want to read the actual text of the CRomnibus, you can find it here.

Update: More on the impact of the CRomnibus from The Hill!


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