Lamar Smith Does It Again

This round of questioned NSF grants from Lamar Smith (R-TX) will definitely raise some eyebrows. The information requests have diverged from the usual somewhat obscure topics (shrimp on treadmills, anyone?) to things like… computer malware and math.

No, I am unfortunately not kidding. Read all about it here.

You will be glad you did (but you may cringe. Be warned).

“Yao cites her 5-year, $562,000 award, entitled “CAREER: Human-Behavior Driven Malware Detection,” as an example. “Because it comes from a panel of established experts in the community, receiving the CAREER award really gave me this big boost in confidence,” she says. “It was a career-defining moment. And then to have members of the committee, with no technology background, judge the value of the research based solely on its title, is very disheartening.”

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