NCURA AM57 Recap

Heather and I really enjoyed last week’s NCURA Annual Meeting in Washington DC!   Here’s a quick recap of the conference (with more specific info to come, of course!):

Our very own Thursday Top Ten post went slightly viral (or as viral as you can be as a research administrator). Research administrators from all over the world commented that they’ve heard all ten phrases many times, and gave us even more ideas for future posts!

We co-taught a full-day workshop for beginning pre-award research administrators with Trisha Southergill from Montana Tech. It was very well received and we got excellent feedback from attendees!  We will be teaching this same workshop for VCU research administrators for FREE on September 11, 2015.  If you’d like to attend, please sign up here. 

The first ever nationally registered Research Administrators’ Day will be September 25, 2015! We’re excited to have our very own holiday. Any suggestions for fun traditions we can start??

We also attended a truly fantastic array of classes and discussion groups, which I’ll be posting details on later in the week.  I co-led a discussion group on dealing with difficult personalities in the workplace.  We also participated in discussions sessions with representatives from NIH, NSF, USDA, Horizon 20/20 and more. I’ve got information to share with you about funding for the humanities, automated compliance checking at NSF and NIH, audit risks, and much more.

We also led NCURA Region III in the annual musical competition at the conference’s finale dinner. We won an awesome plastic trophy.. but the bragging rights will last forever!  I will link a video of our performance here as soon as I receive it from the national office!

It was a great conference – possibly one of the best I’ve been to!




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