News Roundup: Passwords, Patents, and Timesheets, Oh my!

Learn how to share password data safely: Researchers have devised a way to share password data safely.  Extra points for NSF ! Check it out here. 

Research Fellowships from the Sloan Foundation have been awarded.  See this year’s list of winners. 

Carnegie Mellon has won a $750M patent suit. 

“Marvell Technology Group has agreed to pay Carnegie Mellon University $750 million to settle a patent lawsuit the university filed against the company in 2009, the university announced. A federal appeals court in August partially vacated a judge’s earlier ruling that Marvell pay Carnegie Mellon $1.169 billion for willfully infringing two patents for a chip technology.”

Read more here.

FLSA changes could be major trouble for colleges and universities. In case you haven’t heard, a major change to the Fair Labor Standards Act is in the works. The threshold is being raised to over $50,000, meaning that many university staff would be impacted. While more people would be able to be paid overtime, there would also be a huge additional administrative burden to file timesheets, etc for employees who were previously exempt. This could mean financial disaster for some universities, since many of us are already critically understaffed. This article has a good perspective on the changes. 

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