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Specs for Creators, Makers, Artists

Want to display your materials on the big screen or coordinate a class assignment that uses it? Are you a student who wants to submit your big screen images to be shown during regular Student Showcases? Submit your information online through one of our forms or email Please be aware that the Cabell Screen Committee meets once a month to discuss and plan exhibits in advance. We plan a limited number of exhibits each semester and work with artists one month in advance of a show’s debut. 

Quality Needs

  • At least 15 total images. More preferred.
  • Best images are bold and simple, without many fine lines
  • Please be aware that we reserve the right to size or crop images to create the best image for the screen. Sometimes, the best approach will be to focus on a detail of the work.

File Formats

  • Files should contain the artist’s name
  • Still Images
    • Highest resolution (dpi) possible – ideally 128 pixels wide x 140 pixels high, 300 pixels/inch, 8-bit color with a black background
  • Video Files
    • Video length can vary dependent on work
    • Video sized in either a 1:1 square format, or if they want to match the size of the screen, the aspect ratio is 35:32 vertical.
    • Video files formats accepted: mp4 (preferred) and .mov
    • Recommend exporting in Premiere or Adobe Media Encoder with the h.264 codec at 12 mbps.

Copyright and Permissions

  • Fill out our online permission form. The artist retains copyright and gives VCU Libraries permission to exhibit their work for a finite period.

Promoting the Exhibit

  • Provide a brief written description of the content and, if applicable, title of the exhibit.
  • Provide an artist’s statement or bio/background information.   

Technical Information

  • The screen is a combination of woven, semi-transparent stainless-steel structures, which allows daylight into the building. Embedded in the structure are LED. It is a visual medium only (no sound) and is not high-definition.
  • 21 feet wide by 24 feet high
  • Pixel configuration – 2-red, 2-green, 2-blue RGB
  • Color processing – 48-bit
  • Brightness – 8,750 NITS
  • Total LEDs – 110,592 pieces