Mobility scooter death and injury ‘epidemic’ ahead

May 30, 2006


A Hazard Study from Monash University in Australia reports that six people died and more than 150 went to hospital with scooter injuries in Victoria between 2000 and 2005. People older than 80 were over represented in both fatalities and hospital-treated injury cases. Further the study director says a national approach is needed urgently to deal with an impending epidemic of mobility scooter deaths and injuries. Scooters are becoming more popular as older and disabled people strive to maintain active, independent lives. People often see scooters as an alternative to cars, and not only as an aid for those who have trouble walking because of a major disability or health condition. The hazard report said all the deaths and half the injuries resulted from major falls. Other major causes of injuries were collisions with cars, prams, bushes, trees and fences, and tip-overs on uneven surfaces or gutters. Head wounds, and face and leg and hip fractures were the most common injuries. See the full report