Despite risk, many women unprotected against unplanned prgenancies.

May 13, 2008


From the Guttmacher Institute today research, which surveyed women and family planning providers nationwide, uncovered a number of factors that impede women’s ability to use contraceptives consistently and correctly over the long term. “Helping women who do not want to become pregnant to use contraceptives more effectively is sound public policy that will reduce unintended pregnancy,” says study author Jennifer Frost, asenior research associate. Half of teh women seeking to avoid pregnancy remain at risk—some use no contraceptive at all (8%), some have periods of nonuse (15%) and some use their method inconsistently or incorrectly (27%). “Finding the ‘right’ contraceptive method is not a one-time decision—rather it’s a series of choices as women’s life circumstances and contraceptive needs change,” says Dr. Frost.