Minecraft “crafting table”

The genius of Minecraft is that the game does not specify how this is done….The game’s core activity is the creation of new materials and objects through the arrangement of more basic substances in specific patterns on a “crafting table,” represented in the game as a matrix of cells….
To play, you must seek information elsewhere. by Robin Sloan

An example of Cooperative learning at it’s best; Connected learning motivated by the learners themselves.

I’m in the process of developing a digital “crafting table” for faculty learning to teach in a networked, connected space. This place is intended to entice people to join the conversation about teaching and learning in the “open”. Not a course, but a resource hub— A place to tinker with possibilities to judge if the change would make a dramatic difference in the way students learn.

The most important ingredients will be examples of the open concept and platforms for participation, annotated with design notes and reasons to use one tool [software, ebook, discussion board] instead of another. These examples of workflow, production, and communication technologies need dynamic, searchable information directly connected to a current conversation about these ideas and strategies, based on scholarship. Changing an established workflow for designing, developing and teaching a course means changing your mind and learning new skills. Changing teaching practice requires a solid obvious purpose. Examples help.

And a connection to people asking the same questions, tinkering with similar ideas, and open to collaborating — a community of practice. I’m looking forward to the conversation.