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Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease by Ronald Peterson, M.D.

Reviewed by Brandie Self, Community Health Education Center Intern
Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of people, mostly over the age of 65. Even though this disease impacts so many people and affects not only the patient, their family members, and caregivers, the disease still remains somewhat of a mystery to patients and the doctors who treat them. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but the authors of this book discuss medications that can be used to treat symptoms. The authors discuss possible future treatments for this disease and aspects of the disease such as diagnosis and stages of the disease. The authors offer advice for caregivers including daily problems, financial issues, and caregiver support, including services that would allow caregivers to continue their daily activities such as working and running errands.
Overall, the book is a helpful resource for understanding Alzheimer’s disease. Other informative sections include a Quick Guide for Caregivers that details daily activities. The illustrations are helpful and include a section of color pictures showing images of a brain showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. There are also additional resouces in the back of the book listing places readers can consult for additional information.
Community Health Education Ctr RC523.2 .M385 2002 Non-circulating
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