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Book Review: “What Nurses Know– HIV/AIDS”

What Nurses Know– HIV/AIDS
by Rose Farnan, RN, BSN, ACRN and Maithe Enriquez, RN, ANP-BC, PhD
Community Health Education Ctr  General Collection (RG580.A44 F37 2012)

Reviewed By: Kebroon Abebayehu, Community Health Education Center Intern

HIV/AIDS is a virus that can change lives to various degrees. Learning and understanding the virus, along with how it can affect your life, and how to most importantly manage the virus is critical. It’s critical whether you are the person living with the virus or are caring for a loved one with HIV or AIDS.

This book educates and shows you HIV and AIDS from different perspectives, with short and helpful insights on every chapter that you might have not known. There are facts such as: “You cant get HIV through saliva, tears, sweat, urine or feces unless there is blood in them” (page 6). Knowing simple facts like these, can truly change the way certain people might view and feel about the virus overall.

Along with defining what HIV and AIDS are and the difference between the two, risk factors, and the testing process for HIV, this book covers different questions that you might have about life after diagnosis. It covers everything from questions like, “Who knows that you have HIV? Who should you consider telling?” It also covers important steps you should take after diagnosis, life style changes, and the diets you should maintain and avoid.

Humans are sexual beings and wanting intimacy is a normal part of life. This book reminds its readers, HIV positive or not, you still deserve intimacy. Therefore this book goes over important steps and tools you should have to make sure you’re protecting your sexual health and your partners as well, if you do decide to continue being sexually active.


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