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Book Review: “Thyroid Disease”

Thyroid Disease by Mark P. J. Vanderpump

Reviewed by: Brooke Dave, Community Health Education Center Intern

Community Health Education Ctr  General Collection (RC655 .B39 2008)

The prevalence of thyroid disorders varies considerably in different parts of the world. Thyroid disorders are always more common in women than in men. In 1999 the World Health Organization estimated that 740 million people have an enlargement of their thyroid gland known as “goiter.” Most of these goiters occur in people who live in parts of the world where there is a relative lack of iodine in the diet. Despite efforts to eradicate iodine deficiency, lack of iodine affects up to one-third of the worlds population.  As many as 10 million people in the USA and perhaps as many as 200 million world wide, are taking thyroid hormone for an underactive thyroid.

This book is especially important for those who have some recognized disorder of the thyroid gland as well as providing information for relatives, because thyroid problems can be passed down families.  The book begins with a description of how the thyroid gland works, how it makes hormones, and how it is controlled. After all the chapters at the end of the book there is a broken down glossary, which gives a simplified explanation of terms and scientific concepts mentioned in the chapters.

The first chapter goes over the thyroid gland basics; what is it, what is getting produced, how does it affect the body? It focuses mainly on iodine and its relation to hormones. Iodine actually exists in hormones and is essential for their manufacture and synthesis. This important element is found in the soil, rain, and fish. The author stresses the importance of Iodine in the diet and how potentially dangerous an iodine deficiency could be. The second chapter goes over the differences between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism as well as other diseases that accompany thyroid disease. This book continues to teach the reader about everything from diagnoses and symptoms, to living with thyroid disease, and coping with the effects.

This informational book on thyroid disease can give someone great insight on the disease and symptoms. It is also simple and easy to understand which can be an advantage for the reader. This book is also written by experts specializing in Endocrinology, which therefore ensures the accuracy of these facts and findings. This would be highly recommended for someone looking to find in depth, easy to read information about thyroid disease.


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