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Tools and Resources

At the Community Health Education Center, you’ll find these resources, some of which you can access from home or work computers.


VCU Libraries Catalog Use the library catalog to search for books located in CHEC.


Consumer Health Complete
Online consumer health information database for use in the Community Health Education Center. Search full-text health reference titles, find information on prescription drugs, find images, and view video clips about a variety of health topics.
Facts On File Health Reference Center
Health Reference Center is a great starting point to find basic information about health topics. Includes diseases, mental health, wellness, and information about the body systems. Also, contains basic information on a variety of lab tests. For use in the Community Health Education Center.
MD Consult
(VCU Libraries) Available on both campuses OR off-campus with a VCU Password. Scroll down the screen to “MD Consult”. There is a “Patient Education Handouts” section.
(National Organization for Rare Disorders) – Find information on many rare diseases. Available in the Community Health Education Center.
Patient Education Online
(American Academy of Pediatrics) Searchable database of pediatric patient handouts for children, teens, and parents. For use in the Community Health Education Center.

Reference Resources

Recommended Web sites and Web-based Directories

Did You Know?

1,300 people each month visit The Community Health Education Center to seek free and reliable consumer health information and guidance from its librarians and volunteers.