Match 101 – Summer Experiences Presentation

Welcome to Dr. Woleben’s Career Advising blog for VCU School of Medicine’s Class of 2018. Hopefully on this blog, you will find all the resources you could possibly need to help find the right specialty choice within medicine.

You can find links to the 2014 Match 101¬†slides from today’s presentation as well as a link to the¬†SummerPrograms2015 document mentioned in the presentation. I will be updating the document as information on new programs is released.

You can visit the AAMC Careers in Medicine website where you will find detailed information about specialty choices as well as self-assessment tools you can complete to help you make a specialty choice.

Finally, you can view NRMP Match Data to obtain detailed information about prior years’ match results.

Ifyou would like to meet to talk about career options or planning for your summer, please feel free to contact Heather Davison at 804-828-9791 or to set up a time for us to meet.

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