A New Year Brings New Opportunities

The campus is abuzz with the start of the new academic year. New students, excited to start their journeys toward careers as health professionals, roam the streets and halls. Meanwhile, anxious faculty put the finishing touches on course syllabi and introductory lectures. The anticipation all of us feel is palpable.

Last week, I had an opportunity to talk to the entering class of pharmacy students about their first semester class, The Foundations of Interprofessional Practice. During the class, these students will work on a team with other early students from nursing, dentistry, dental hygiene, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. We talked about our goal for them of developing an interprofessional professional identity. They were clearly excited which made me excited.

We are counting on them and their peers to tackle the challenges we have in healthcare. These students will become the health professionals who will lead change as we work toward a better system of healthcare. So, we’re all anxious — them, for the first day of class, me, for the future of healthcare. And, we’re optimistic because we are in good company.