Dr. Matthew Trawick from University of Richmond to present CLSE Departmental Seminar.. September 29, 2010

Dr. Matthew L. Trawick, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, University of Richmond, will present the CLSE seminar on September 29th, 2010.
This event is free and open to the public.
The seminar will be held in Room 401, Engineering West Building from 11:00AM-12:30PM. Refreshments will be served (11:00-11:15AM).
Diblock Copolymer Thin Films: understanding self assembly for nanolithography applications
Diblock copolymers, which consist of two long polymer chains joined together end to end, are of great interest for their ability to “self assemble” into various periodic structures with typical length scales of tens of nanometers. In addition to the many basic scientific questions raised by their behavior, these materials hold some promise for nanotechnology applications, including their use as “templates” for nanometer-scale lithography. This talk will serve as an introduction to diblock copolymer materials and will go on to describe some recent experimental work aimed at developing nanostructured films with long-range positional order. A new scanning probe microscopy technique, developed in support of these experiments, will also be discussed.
Dr. Matthew Trawick received a B.A. in Physics from Oberlin College (1991) and a Ph.D. from Ohio State University (1998) studying vortex dynamics in high temperature superconducting crystals. He did his postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University from 1998-2001, followed by a stint as a lecturer there from 2001-2004. He has been in the Department of Physics at the University of Richmond since 2004 and was recently promoted to the rank of tenured associate professor. His research interests are in the areas of Condensed matter physics; Polymer Materials; Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology.

Fall 2010 seminar series

Fall 2010 seminar series
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