Principal Investigator

Caroline Cobb, Ph.D.
Phone: (804) 828-8687
Office: 808 W Franklin, rm 304
Curriculum Vita  
Caroline Cobb, Ph.D.
Caroline’s program of research generally addresses the role of novel and alternative tobacco products (e.g., hookah/waterpipe tobacco, little cigars/cigarillos, and electronic cigarettes) in the incidence of tobacco-related disease and death as well as the broader implications of the availability of these products for policy and public health. Her current work is particularly focused on poly-tobacco use patterns such as the influence of concurrent use of electronic cigarettes or little cigars/cigarillos on conventional cigarette smoking behavior and relevant toxicant exposures. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys painting watercolors and running around her Church Hill neighborhood with her husband Chris and recently adopted dog Gracie. 
Prospective graduate students: Caroline Cobb is accepting graduate students for fall 2018.