Research Staff

 rebecca lester picture for lab websiteRebecca Lester. Rebecca has several research interests including addiction, mental health and education. Previously her research experience has been in the field of social psychology looking at dyads and close relationships and the self. In her spare time she enjoys reading, research, DIY projects, music, watching baseball and spending time with family and friends.
Catherine Wall. Catherine is one of the research staff members at the Behavioral Health Research Laboratory. Her research interests include self-concept, intersectional identities, and prejudice, and she hopes to focus on transgender populations once she enters graduate school. Catherine has previously worked in a number of labs in the domains of social and health psychology where her research has spanned a number of topics including mindfulness, prosocial behavior, and emotions, as well as health disparities between cisgender and transgender populations. Catherine spends her free time reading, baking, and planning for future adventures.