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2/28/2018: SRNT 2018 in Baltimore, MD!

It has been a busy four months at the BHRL! Last week, we attend the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s annual meeting in Baltimore, MD. We had a great time presenting posters, networking with fellow tobacco researchers, and of course, learning about all the new research in nicotine and tobacco! Highlights from SRNT included: the Surgeon General’s Keynote speech (check it out: here) and having dinner at LP Steamer’s with colleagues from USC and Syracuse.

Our research assistant, Catherine, presenting during the final poster session of the conference.

One of our graduate students, Aly, presenting her thesis data on cannabis users.

Our fearless leader, Caroline, and our research assistant, Catherine, during one of the poster sessions.

Rose presenting data from one of our projects with the Health Behavior and Policy department at VCU.

Our crab-filled dinner at LP Steamers with our friends from USC, Syracuse, and MUSC!

10/31/2017: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the BHRL! We have been hard at work this fall presenting our research. We had our fall Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS) grantee meeting last week and our very own, Andrew Barnes, presented data from one of our current studies from the BHRL (see below).

Also at the TCORs meeting, a graduate student, Aly Rudy, presented work on ECIG user’s ability to accurately report ECIG device characteristics. See the published manuscript for this work here:

Our PI, Caroline, hosted a Halloween party this year for the BHRL and the CSTP. There were lots of creative costumes and yummy treats! Our runner-up for the costume contest was the CSTP’s PI, Tom Eissenberg (aka James Dean), and our grand prize winner was a BHRL graduate student, Aly Rudy (aka Yzma from Emperor’s New Groove). Congrats to the winners!

4/24/2017: Spring Poster Presentations!

Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s Annual Meeting took place in Florence, Italy this year between March 8th and 11th. Two graduate students and one of our partners from the BHRL presented posters at the meeting.

Andrew Barnes and two graduate students at SRNT in Florence.

20th Annual Graduate Research Symposium

Aly Rudy, a graduate student from the BHRL presented data on cannabis legalization opinions at the 20th Annual Graduate Research Symposium on April 18th in Richmond, VA.

2017 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Three undergraduate students, Destini Braxton, Jacquelyn Cogley, and Joseph Hunt, presented posters at the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 19th in Richmond, VA.

Caroline Cobb & Joseph Hunt

Joseph Hunt

Jacquelyn Cogley & Destini Braxton

2/24/2017: Presentations, Awards, and Certificates, Oh My!

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks at the BHRL! Our very own lab manager, Rebecca, received a Sponsored Projects Administration Program Certificate.

Our former intern, Nancy, received an Undergraduate Black History in the Making Award for Psychology! Congratulations, Nancy!

Last, but not least, Cosima, one of our graduate students presented a 5 minute data blitz at the Virginia Youth Tobacco Projects Research Coalition Meeting on 2/21/2017!

1/9/2017: Dr. Cobb published an article with one of our former graduate research assistants, Megan Sutter. The article is titled “Associations between unhealthy dieting behaviors and tobacco use among adolescents.” Check out the summary below!

Smoking cigarettes in order to control weight has been reported frequently among youth. Indeed, smoking is a risk factor for unhealthy dieting behaviors, such as vomiting, using diet pills, and simply not eating. Until now, the links between other types of tobacco products like cigars and snuff have not been looked at in connection with unhealthy dieting behaviors. This study found that having ever smoked cigarettes, recent use of cigars, little cigars, or cigarillos, as well as perceived social benefits of smoking were linked to unhealthy dieting behaviors. These findings highlight the importance of tobacco use, including both cigarettes and various forms of cigars, in the role of weight control among youth and should be a focus for prevention interventions in the future.

3/7/2016: The BHRL team had a blast at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Annual Meeting held March 2-5th, 2016.


2/1/2016: The BHRL had 5 posters accepted to be presented at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco 2016 Annual Meeting! Posters entitled “Subjective effects of dual use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes of among current dual users,” “Toxicant exposure and physiological effects of dual cigarette and electronic cigarette use,” “Effects of e-cigarette liquid flavors and modified risk messages on measures of abuse liability,” “Effects of e-cigarette liquid flavors and modified risk messages on perceptions of e-cigarettes,” and “Adolescent cigarette smoking and asthma: Influence of bullying, psychological, and health-related factors” will be presented.

10/17/2015: Posters entitled “Effects of E-cigarette Liquid Flavors and Modified Risk Messages on Abuse Liability” and “Behavior and toxicant exposure associated with dual use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes” were presented at the 2015 Tobacco Centers for Regulatory Science (TCORS) Annual Meeting!


9/29/2015: The BHRL welcomes a new honorary  lab member, Gracie! She loves peanut butter and playing with other dogs.





4/22/201IMG_18235: Makeda Austin, research assistant in the BHRL, presented her findings from the Virginia Youth Tobacco Survey entitled, “Differences in tobacco use behaviors and beliefs among asthmatic and non-asthmatic adolescent cigarette smokers” at the VCU Poster Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creativity!




4/8/2015: Megan Sutter, a graduate research assistant in the BHRL presented a poster at The Future of Tobacco Control Conference. Her poster titled, “Disordered eating behaviors and tobacco use among adolescents” is available here.

1/30/2015: Center for Clinical and Translational Research Pilot Project Awarded! – Dr. Cobb Co-Principal Investigator- Title: “Investigating effects of regulating e-cigarette flavoring and modified risk messages on measures of abuse liability”

1/22/2015: Administrative Supplement  to P50DA036105 Awarded! – Dr. Cobb Co-Investigator, Title: Evaluating Flavors in Novel Tobacco Products: A Trans-disciplinary Approach

photo (4)
12/13/2014: Fall 2014 Graduation was a blast! Congrats Psychology Graduates!




12/1/2014: Massey Cancer Pilot Project Awarded! “Investigating Effects of Regulating E-Cigarette Flavoring and Modified Risk Messages on Measures of Abuse Liability”
Andrew Barnes, Ph.D., Caroline Cobb, Ph.D. (co-prinicipal investigators) and Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D (co-investigator)