HR Partners meetings

With the details of the Great Place: HR Redesign coming together and enrollment fast approaching, we are dedicating time to review implementation timelines, preview resources and answer your questions. Join us for a special HR Partners meeting. Register for one of the following sessions to learn more about the specifics of the HR Redesign, the upcoming enrollment period, and how we will partner as an HR community moving forward.

Monroe Park Campus
University Student Commons, Virginia Rooms
November 29
9 a.m. to noon
Register here

MCV Campus
Larrick Center
November 30
9 a.m. to noon
Register here

In the meantime, please continue to check and work with the HR Professional or HR Consultant in your area if you have questions. We look forward to sharing details about this important project as well as opportunities for you to learn and grow in your role. We are grateful for your partnership with the Great Place: HR Redesign and for all you do to support VCU’s mission.

Exit survey, payday and holiday calendar, performance evaluation reminder

Exit survey 
In an effort to support the Great Place: HR Redesign, better serve our employees, and establish meaningful goals for employee retention, VCU Human Resources has redesigned its exit survey for separating employees. The online survey is designed to give departing employees an opportunity to express their opinions about various aspects of their employment. Information provided through the survey is confidential and will not be included in personnel files, nor will it impact future employment at VCU or elsewhere. Aggregated data from exit survey responses is used to understand factors that may contribute to employee satisfaction. 

We need your help — please send separating classified staff the link to the survey as soon as the employee submits their notice of departure to the manager. The link can be found on the VCU Human Resources website under
 Workforce Transition. Questions? Contact VCU Human Resources Employee Relations Office at (804) 828-1510 or

Upcoming winter break extended one day, 2018 holiday calendar
The Governor of Virginia has granted additional holiday leave on January 2, 2018. This extends VCU’s upcoming winter closing by one day. VCU’s 2017-18 winter closing is now December 21, 2017 through January 2, 2018. Visit for the full schedule and more information about the 2018 VCU Payday and Holiday Calendar, which is now available.

Classified performance evaluation reminder
As a reminder, completed classified performance evaluations should be sent to no later than November 3. See the last Instant HR for details about how to run a “missing evaluations” report. Questions? Email or call (804) 828-1510.

Classified staff performance evaluations

The deadline for completing classified staff performance reviews for 2016-2017 and for getting them to VCU Human Resources was October 13, 2017. Please follow up on any outstanding evaluations and email them to or fax them through ImageNow no later than November 3, 2017. If you are unable to fax through ImageNow, you can hand-deliver completed forms to VCU Human Resources at 600 West Franklin Street (the Lindsey House).

To see which evaluations are missing for your area, if any, for this performance cycle, visit the VCU Reporting Center and click on the “Missing Evaluations” report in the Personnel Administrators folder. Then follow these instructions:

  • In the “Evaluations Received Since” section, enter 08-14-2017.
  • In the “For Employees Hired Before” section, enter 07-25-2017.
  • Then choose the categories, as applicable, in the drop-down menus.

Please note: Performance evaluations due this month are to be completed using the current performance management process. VCU begins the next performance management cycle using the new performance management process and Talent@VCU.

Performance management provides a sound basis for employee review, feedback and career growth. Thank you for all you do to ensure employees understand how their everyday work impacts a larger mission and vision. If you have any questions, please email or call (804) 828-1510.

Salary reduction agreements, 26 year old children and health coverage

Notice to employees with covered children
Employees carrying health coverage for children who turned age 26 during 2017 were mailed information confirming that these children will be removed from coverage after December 31, 2017. The notice includes information about Extended Coverage (COBRA) for children who are removed and the opportunity to use the removal as a qualifying mid-year event to make allowable changes to health coverage and flexible spending. Unless the employee wishes to make health plan or flexible spending changes concurrent with the removal of a child, no action is required on the part of the employee. Premium adjustments, if any, due to a child’s removal are automatically processed by payroll and become effective with the January 16, 2018 paycheck.

Salary Reduction Agreement notices
Approximately 735 employees will receive letters at their home addresses requesting an updated Salary Reduction Agreements for the TDA .The letter explains that new agreements are needed to continue contributions after the November 1, 2017 pay date. Questions? Contact VCU Human Resources at

A mobile-friendly eJobs, new field

Nine out of ten job seekers are likely to use their mobile device to search for jobs. With this in mind, VCU eJobs is launching a new, mobile-friendly applicant portal. Users can read content on mobile devices without needing to pinch or zoom, and thumb-friendly buttons make the site easy to navigate. The redesigned eJobs interface will be live next week.

In other eJobs news, starting October 16 there will be a new field labeled “division.” The division field is equivalent to Banner’s “Major Budget Unit (MBU)” field.  All departments will be set to roll up to the appropriate division. This will help us assign access more efficiently and make data reporting easier. When creating a new posting and EWP/PD, you will be prompted to select the correct division. If you have access to only one division, the system will default to that division. You do not need to do anything for your existing actions in eJobs.

Notifying designated employees, change in payroll process, prescription drug coverage notice

Notifying employees who are designated to work during inclement weather
Supervisors must ensure that employees who are designated to work during inclement weather and campus emergencies are notified of their designation. Use this sample notification letter to notify designated employees.

VCU requires that employees be notified of their designation annually. Designated employees must sign and return the form to their manager; a signed and dated copy must be maintained in the department file. Employees should also keep a copy. For more information, please review VCU’s Office Closing policy.

Change in payroll process
As a reminder, please continue to work with staff in your area to record hours and leave requests in a timely manner. During our transition to VCU RealTime, the Payroll Office processed pay adjustments resulting from hours recorded after the processing deadline as well as leave submissions on special (off cycle) payrolls to ensure employees received compensation in a timely manner. This process will end after the October 16 payday and employees will be compensated for late pay adjustments in the next scheduled pay check.

Holiday and office closing segments are loaded by VCU RealTime, so timekeepers and managers do not need to add these segments. Timekeepers and managers can make adjustments when necessary to these segments. Please refer to the timekeeping manual for instructions on how to adjust holiday and office closing segments.

Please ensure faculty and staff in your area are aware of this change. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at or (804) 828-0740.

Annual notice of creditable prescription drug coverage
Employees aged 65 or over who are covered by the state employee health plan were sent an Annual Notice of Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage. This notice explains that the prescription drug coverage provided by the state health plan is expected to pay out as much as standard Medicare prescription coverage. It also includes information about Medicare Part D coverage and how maintaining creditable coverage in an employee health plan affects future Medicare Part D enrollment. This is an informational notice that does not require any action on the part of the employee.

RamStrong Wellness Challenge

VCU Human Resources is excited to share RamStrong, a new wellness initiative conceived by a Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute team and brought to life by VCU Human Resources, VCU Recreational Sports, VCU Health and other university partners. The team recognized that VCU has many different wellness resources and envisioned a collaborative tool where faculty and staff could easily access resources to support their own holistic well-being.

Wellness is more than physical fitness. There are actually eight dimensions of wellness that work together to support your mind, body and spirit. Learn more about RamStrong, by participating in the RamStrong Fall Wellness Challenge. Track your participation and bring your completed activities to the RamStrong Wellness Challenge Celebration in December to be entered into a drawing for prizes. Free wellness events include yoga, financial fitness, flu shot clinics and more.

Visit for event details and a printable checklist to track your wellness activities. Please print this flyer to post it in common areas and/or break rooms in your schools and departments to encourage participation.

For more information about this and other featured employee benefits and discounts, subscribe to HR Insights, an email newsletter from VCU Human Resources, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at Working@VCU.

Exceptional recognition acknowledgement, nominations due this week, administrative leave

Exceptional Recognition Acknowledgment
As a reminder, the process for recognizing exceptional or extraordinary performance has been revised. There is now one form to both acknowledge extraordinary performance (for performance evaluation purposes) and grant bonuses or leave to employees. The form is called the “Exceptional Recognition Acknowledgement Form.” Please see the July 17, 2017 Instant HR for details.

Award nominations due August 25
Recognize your colleagues for their important work! The 46th annual service awards celebration for VCU and VCU Health faculty and staff with 5 to 55 years of service will be held October 4. Nominations are being accepted until this Friday, August 25 for this year’s President’s Awards for Professional and Administrative Distinction and for the 2017 Dorris Douglas Budd Award, which recognizes outstanding administrative and office support staff who enhance the image and mission of VCU and the VCU Health System. Eligibility criteria and nomination forms are online.

Officers of Election and administrative leave
Employees volunteering to serve as Officers of Election on Election Day should work with their supervisors to approve the time away from work and use VCU’s Administrative Leave code in VCU RealTime.

Classified performance appraisal process begins

The classified staff performance appraisal process begins today and completed evaluations are due Friday, October 13. The performance appraisal is a wonderful opportunity to provide employees with feedback, set professional development goals, and identify opportunities for career growth. As you know, this is the last year Employee Work Profiles (EWPs) will be used as part of the performance appraisal process. In support of the Great Place: HR Redesign, VCU is currently piloting a new performance management process for all classified staff and university employees. We look forward to rolling this out university-wide later in the fall and will offer training for Ram Talent Connection, software for managers and employees that supports the new performance management process.

For this current performance appraisal cycle, please note the following:

  • Classified employees hired prior to July 25, 2017 must be evaluated during this performance review cycle.
  • The Employee Work Profile (EWP) Performance Evaluation form may be found on the VCU Human Resources forms webpage or via the following link:

  • Current probationary employees may be evaluated utilizing the Probationary Progress Review form which may be found on the VCU Human Resources forms webpage or via the following link:

  • Staff must be given an opportunity to complete a self-evaluation. The Employee Self Evaluation form may be found on the VCU Human Resources forms webpage or via the following link:

  • Classified employees who receive an overall rating of “Extraordinary Achiever” or “Unsatisfactory Performer” require additional documentation to accompany their performance evaluations, which is explained on the overall ratings/signature page on the form.
  • Supervisors who plan to issue an overall rating of “Unsatisfactory Performer” must conduct prior consultation with VCU Human Resources Office of Employee Relations, which can be reached at 828-1510.
  • Please send completed evaluations, and supporting documentation as required, through ImageNow/Perceptive by fax at 827-8250 or by email at If you are unable to fax or email to ImageNow/Perceptive, you can hand-deliver completed forms to the VCU Human Resources Welcome Center at the corner of West Franklin Street and Belvidere Street on the Monroe Park Campus.
  • We encourage Personnel Administrators to request completed evaluations at least two weeks prior to the due date (Oct. 13) to review the evaluations for accuracy and completion.

The annual review process is a requirement of State Policy 1.40, Performance Planning and Evaluation. More information about VCU’s classified performance appraisal process is available at

Questions? Contact VCU Human Resources at 828-1510 or

New faculty benefits information, process reminders

New faculty benefits information sessions
New faculty may attend one of three upcoming information sessions designed to provide a comprehensive overview of their new benefits and important election deadlines. A benefits overview is not part of VCU’s New Faculty Orientation day on August 23; VCU Human Resources is providing these information sessions, as well as detailed information online, to help new faculty access resources and make benefits elections earlier. The letters new faculty receive regarding New Faculty Orientation direct them to the online information for benefits and registration for an information session. Visit for details.

Reminders about direct deposit, I-9 forms and background checks
Direct deposit forms are required for all new hires. If an employee leaves VCU and returns, the bank account information must be updated to ensure direct deposit into the appropriate account. Anyone with direct deposit through Accounts Payable must complete a new form for Payroll, as these offices do not share the direct deposit form.

As a reminder, the I-9 form must also be updated for anyone rehired with a break in service with VCU. No action is required for those transferring into another position without a break in service. In addition, background checks for employees transferring within VCU must be initiated before the transfer occurs, but do not have to be cleared before the employee starts the new position.