Integrity and Compliance Culture Survey, health benefits elections

VCU Integrity & Compliance Culture Survey
Please remember to participate in the 2017 VCU Integrity & Compliance Culture Survey by March 24 for a chance to win one of five $100 Rambucks cards. The survey takes just five to seven minutes and your responses help shape VCU’s culture of ethics and compliance. The VCU Ethics and Compliance Program promotes an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and compliance with the law, regulations, university policies, and our core values.

Health benefits elections and changes
The state’s Employee Direct system is currently unable to process health benefits elections and changes. Please use the health benefits enrollment form to submit changes or make elections to the state health plan.

March merit bonus reminder, clarification

Reminder: March merit bonus
Merit bonuses are being processed this month. Please check the “Classified Projected Bonus Report” in the VCU Reporting Center’s Personnel Administrators folder. Employees with an ineligible performance evaluation rating will have a projected bonus amount of zero. Please ensure these are listed accurately. Also, please pay particular attention to employees who have changed classification or status since June 30, 2016 to ensure their projected bonus amount is correct.

Clarification: supervisor identification
New hire and rehire PAFs should include the supervisor’s V-number. The supervisor’s eID is not required.

Tax preparation savings, hiring documents, supervisor identification

Tax assistance at the VCU School of Business
Eligible VCU employees can take advantage of free tax preparation assistance online through, a self-assistance portal, or in-person at the VCU School of Business on Saturdays between March 18 and April 15. Visit for information about income eligibility and required documents. IRS-certified tax preparers will be available to offer help if needed.

Important reminder about hiring documents
Complete personnel files are required for compliance and audit purposes. Please remember to send state applications for new hires and rehires when sending paperwork through ImageNow. The state application is a required document to complete each personnel file.

Identification of supervisors in Banner
Please periodically check and update employee supervisor information in Banner. If a supervisor changes for an existing employee, please send a supervisor ePAF update. For new hires and rehires, the supervisor’s V-number should be included on the PAF. Accurate supervisor identification is required for VCU RealTime, so supervisors can approve time and leave. It is also necessary for proper workflow in other HR information systems. Instructions for how to use ePAFs are listed under Banner guides at–training/banner/.

Open comment period, Financial fitness, Holiday calendar update

Great Place: HR Redesign open comment period
As you know, the Great Place: HR Redesign policy draft is posted and available for comments through March 17, 2017. Please encourage employees in your area to participate and have their voices heard. You can submit your comments about the proposed policy at General questions about the project can be submitted at

Financial fitness series of workshops
The 2017 Financial Fitness series of workshops is available at All workshops are free to VCU employees and are held in the HR Training Room (922 West Grace Street). Sessions are presented by TIAA and VCU Benefits and include information about handling debt, planning for retirement, and making sound investments. Please print and post the flyer in common areas or share the full list of both on-campus and virtual workshops with faculty and staff in your area.

Change to 2017 winter closing
The 2017 payday and holiday calendar was recently revised. To allow faculty additional time to submit Fall 2017 semester grades, the 2017 winter closing will now begin on December 21, 2017 instead of December 20. Due to this change, the 2017 winter closing does not require eligible faculty and staff to take any leave to cover the time away from work. Because the Governor has granted additional leave in 2017, eligible faculty and staff will actually have four hours of “float” holiday leave that may be used at any time between December 10, 2017 and December 9, 2018. For complete updates to the payday and holiday calendar, visit

Staff Professional Development Conference

VCU Staff Senate is pleased to announce the fourth annual Staff Professional Development Conference, “Discover the Greatness in You,” on March 8 or March 9, 2017. We are fortunate to offer this full-day conference on two days, so you can pick which day works best for you. This year’s conference includes two renowned keynote speakers who will lead discussions on important workplace issues such as productivity, motivation, and the importance of diversity and civility. Once again, experts will offer breakout sessions to discuss specific areas designed to promote professional growth.

This professional development opportunity is provided to VCU staff at no cost and does not require employees to use their leave. Managers, please encourage staff to register and attend. We hope you will join us and know it will add value to your VCU experience. Come and “Discover the Greatness in You.” Register today at

Bonus report, recognition leave, deferment options

Employee bonus report in VCU Reporting Center
A report called “Classified Projected Bonus Amounts” that lists classified employees who are eligible for the March bonus is now in the VCU Reporting Center in the Personnel Administrators folder. The report contains the list of eligible employees based on their hire date, along with their salary as of June 30, 2016 and the projected bonus amount for March. If you have any questions regarding the information in this report, please contact your HR Consultant.

As you know, employee bonuses (scheduled to be distributed March 31) are merit-based and contingent upon the 2015-16 performance evaluations that were due in October. For employees with currently missing evaluations, this report will be updated once evaluations are submitted. Missing evaluations must be completed and submitted to Human Resources no later than February 10, 2017. VCU Human Resources must have completed evaluations on file in order to process merit bonuses in March. If you have any questions regarding missing performance evaluations, please contact Employee Relations at (804) 828-1510.

Recognition leave
Managers may choose to recognize classified employees (those who have met the $2,000 monetary bonus maximum for this fiscal year) with up to 40 hours/5 days of recognition leave. In last month’s communication, we explained that any recognition leave that has already been given will offset the amount of leave an employee may receive as part of the March bonus. While monetary bonuses are calculated on a fiscal year, recognition leave is calculated on a “leave” year (January 10-January 9). So while March bonus money will be offset by any bonus money received this fiscal year (since July 1), March bonus recognition leave will only be offset by any leave given this leave year (since January 10, 2017). Furthermore, just as in-band and off-cycle salary adjustments have been suspended until the March bonuses are awarded, so have recognition leave requests.

Any bonus recognition leave given as part of the March bonus will offset any recognition leave for the remainder of the leave year (until January 2018), while as any monetary bonus given as part of the March bonus will offset any further bonuses given for the remainder of the fiscal year (until June 30, 2017). The cap on recognition leave an employee may receive in a leave year is 40 hours/5 days.

Departments who wish to compensate eligible employees with Recognition Leave should complete the Recognition Award Action Form and submit the form to HR by February 24, 2017 to be processed by March 10, 2017.

Deferment options
Employees receiving a university bonus on the March 31 pay date may wish to defer a larger amount than usual to either the VCU 403(b)/TDA or the Commonwealth of Virginia 457(b)/DCP plan. Special lump sum deferral forms are available for this purpose.

For the VCU 403(b)/TDA, use the Lump Sum Salary Reduction Agreement. Indicate the one-time amount for the March 31 pay date, and the regular deferral amount to return to for the April 16 pay date and onward. VCU Payroll must receive this form no later than March 20, 2017 in order to process a lump sum deferral for the March 31 pay date.

For the Commonwealth of Virginia 457(b)/DCP, use the DCP One-Time Deferral Form. The DCP requires that one-time deferral elections be made in the month prior to the deferral. VCU Payroll must receive this form no later than February 28, 2017 in order to process a lump sum deferral for the March 31 pay date.

Benefits updates

Benefits Overview training for Personnel Administrators
VCU Human Resources will offer a “Benefits Overview” for personnel administrators on Tuesday, February 28, from 9 a.m. to noon in the HR training facility, 922 W. Grace St., Room 115. Course content includes healthcare basics, retirement, and leave among other topics. For more information and to register, visit For questions, contact Benefits at or 828-0179.

Optional Retirement Plan open enrollment
Open enrollment for the VCU Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) runs February 1 -28, 2017. During open enrollment, participating faculty can change their investment company selection between approved VCU ORP vendors (TIAA and Fidelity) for future ORP contributions by completing and returning to VCU Human Resources the ORP vendor change form. Participating faculty were notified of their options by email earlier this week. Details about open enrollment can be found at

Work/life and wellness workshops, Marquita Aguilar Walkathon, patient care identification

VCU Human Resources Work/Life and Wellness Workshops
VCU Human Resources is committed to offering a series of resources and tools to help employees balance work and life. The Spring 2017 Work/Life and Wellness series of workshops is available and is offered to all VCU employees at no cost. Please share and encourage these opportunities with employees in your area. A flyer is available at for you to email or print and post in common areas.

Marquita Aguilar Walkathon – April 5
Join Rodney the Ram, faculty, staff, students, alumni and community supporters for the Marquita Aguilar Walkathon on Wednesday, April 5 at 11:30 a.m. at the University Student Commons Plaza on the Monroe Park Campus. Sponsored by the VCU Staff Senate, the Walkathon raises scholarship funds for students in need of financial assistance and promotes healthy lifestyles in VCU and our communities. Register and donate at A payroll deduction option is available at

VCU faculty and staff who provide patient care or clinical services to VCU Health
VCU Human Resources requires your continued assistance in identifying VCU faculty and staff who provide patient care or clinical services to VCU Health. Accurate and complete identification of all university employees who work in VCU Health clinical locations in any capacity for any length of time is of critical importance to both VCU and VCU Health for many reasons including

  • accurate licensing and credentialing;
  • maintenance of required professional education and training;
  • billing compliance;
  • maintenance of professional liability coverage and;
  • security and access to VCU Health physical locations, computer systems and confidential health information.

Who Should Be Included In This Request

Faculty and staff who provide patient care or clinical services are defined* as anyone who provides patient care/clinical services in the hospital, clinics or from another location. Patient care/clinical services include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • assessment
  • counseling
  • treatment
  • registration
  • diagnostic testing
  • data collection to determine the patient’s plan of care

*This definition does not include VCU faculty or staff who

  • are also paid through MCVP;
  • analyze data related to research activity only (data which is not used to determine patient treatment at the time collected); or
  • have no other patient care or patient service role specific to the health system but who may need access to health system facilities as part of a service agreement or due to department location.

What You Need to Do
Because the list of employees assigned to these roles can fluctuate with the academic semesters, there is a need to update this information periodically. You can access a list of VCU faculty and staff in your school/area who have been previously identified and who remain active in Banner by going to the VCU Reporting Center and reviewing the “VCU EEs Providing Health Care” report in the Personnel Administrators folder. After a careful review of the report, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify the individuals currently providing “patient care or clinical services” to the health system. Update the list, as necessary, with new additions and remove the names of individuals who are no longer working in this capacity. If you have questions regarding who should be included, please contact Donna Steigleder, VCUHS Director of Employee Relations, at
  2. By Tuesday, January 31, 2017,submit the names and V#s of the individuals who should be deleted or added to Brenda Alexander, Employee Relations and Compliance Specialist, at

Please note: This report is separate from the report requested by VCU Health in November.

Inclement weather, VCU RealTime reminder

The following is information to help you process timekeeping for changes in VCU’s operating status due to inclement weather. VCU closed all day Monday, January 9, 2017 and delayed opening until 11 a.m. on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. Time files for the December 25 to January 9 pay period will close today, January 10, 2017, at 12:30 p.m. 

For non-designated employees:

Record Office Closing (OFC) Leave for non-designated employees who did not work during the authorized closing or delayed opening.

  • Nonexempt non-designated employees will be paid for all hours worked during the authorized closing and delayed opening but do not accrue Inclement Weather Leave (ILA) for hours worked during the authorized closing or delayed opening.
  • Exemptnon-designated employees do not accrue Inclement Weather Leave (ILA) for hours worked during the authorized closing or delayed opening.
  • Non-designated employees who had previously requested and were approved for time off during the authorized closing or delayed opening should not have their own leave charged.

For designated employees:

  • Charge accrued leave or leave without pay for designated employees who did not report to work as scheduled.
  • Record Inclement Weather Leave (ILA) for the hours that designated employees worked during the authorized closing or delayed opening.
  • Designated employees who had previously requested and were approved for time off during the authorized closing or delayed opening should not have their own leave charged.

Please note:

  • Hourly employees are paid only for hours actually worked.
  • Nine-month faculty do not accrue Inclement Weather Leave (ILA) for the closing or delayed opening.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to provide flexibility to employees due to travel conditions. Questions? Email

Reminder regarding VCU RealTime timesheets
Starting today, January 10, 2017, nonexempt salaried employees will enter and certify their hours in a weekly electronic timesheet format in VCU RealTime as opposed to clocking in and out daily and for meal breaks. Because hourly and student workers are not salaried, are limited to a 29-hour workweek, and sometimes work hours that vary from week to week, hourly and student workers will continue to clock in and out using VCU RealTime. As always, we are grateful for your patience and support as we evolve to best suit your needs and the needs of the university. Please share this information with your colleagues as you see fit and contact your HR Consultant if you have any questions.

VSDP leave bucket notification

A process in Banner unexpectedly updated some employee VSDP balances prior to the January 10, 2017 leave roll. Some employees may already see their new leave balances for 2017. If this occurred for any employees in your area, please be aware that they are unable to utilize the leave until January 10. They may, however, use any leave they had as of December 25 (that would have expired on January 9) between now and January 9.

Questions? Contact Leave Administration at (804) 828-1712 or