CTE Program Review – Faculty Open Forums

The Center for Teaching Excellence is in the process of conducting a program review to gain deeper understanding about the ways our mission and work are serving the VCU community. A vital part of this process will be engaging faculty in conversations that can yield ideas and insights to shape our future strategic planning.

An important part of this process will be a site visit on October 28-30. The site visit team, led by Chip German (University of Virginia) with assistance from Shelli Fowler (Virginia Tech) and Derek Bruff (Vanderbilt University), will conduct a series of meetings with a wide range of stakeholders.

Faculty member participation in this process is extremely valuable to us, and we hope you will be able to participate in one of the open forum events we have scheduled:

  • Monday, October 28, from10:00-10:45am in the Commons, Commonwealth Ballroom A & B.
  • Tuesday, October 29, from 1:45-2:30pm in the Commons, Forum Room.

There is no need to register, simply come to one (or both) and be prepared to contribute to the conversation.

We are looking forward to the program review and very interested in learning more about how the CTE might enhance the work it does to support the teaching and learning mission at VCU.

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