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Feb 26 13

Upcoming info 2/26

by Clint Bagwell

Ai Weiwei


This is a reminder that the documentary Never Sorry about artist Ai Weiwei will be showing Monday night on PBS:

There is also another Game Jam event scheduled for this weekend:

If you were intrigued by the video about Carlo McCormick’s book, you can find it in the VCU Library:

Trespass : A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Cabell Library Oversize Books – Shelved upright (ND2590 .M35 2010 )

also a link to the video:


Video about the project The Invisible Shape of Things Past:

Feb 19 13

Follow up 2/19

by Clint Bagwell

Here is a link to Ayyaz’s game project if you want to download and check it out:

Here are the Apple Developer links I recommended to read over before Thursday’s class:

I mentioned a weather app to a few of you who were interested in revisualizing data in interesting ways. These apps present weather info in minimal/abstract ways. I will find some better examples in the future and post them here as well.

And a few of you missed the poster I showed before class for that social art experiment, here it is:

Feb 15 13

Social / Criminal

by Clint Bagwell

Thanks to those of you who attended the Regine Basha lecture last week. There was a post-lecture dinner in which we discussed an upcoming project of hers involving artists who use the legal process as a medium.

You might check out a few of the people we talked about:

Kristin Lucas


Hans Winkler
Buy a Revolution:


Jorgen Svensson
Public Safety:


Guy Overfelt

Feb 15 13

Info about A.R.

by Clint Bagwell

Some of you have been interested in augmented reality and have sent some links to share.

From JS:

Augmented Reality flash mob:
This guy, Johannes P Osterhoff, doesn’t do AR, but he has same pretty cool mobile apps and iphone incorporated works:
From OG:


Feb 7 13

more info 2/7

by Clint Bagwell

I referenced Paul Kos in the last email. Here is a video interview with him describing some of his work:

Also, it looks like the library does not have the current edition of the iPhone Dev book by Erica Sadun, but you can get it new here:

Feb 5 13

Vocab Words? 2/5

by Clint Bagwell

There is no requirement to look these up but I will post some terms you will see often in the documentation. You could make your life easier by getting to know what they mean. I will continue to add more terms as we go forward learning how to code:

From today:

We will discuss these later:
-array, dictionary, mutable array

Feb 5 13

iOS Dev Resources etc. 2/5

by Clint Bagwell

iPhone templates for Photoshop
iPad templates for Photoshop

Useful for mocking-up app designs or creating marketing materials

Stack Overflow
Resource for troubleshooting code

Open source projects and sample code

Graham Harman interview
Theory regarding Object Oriented Ontology

Cocoa and Objective C code resources

Apple HUI Guidelines
Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines: necessary to follow for submitting apps to the App Store, and helpful to understand how the standard interface elements are used

-Erica Sadun:
The iOS 5 Developer’s Cookbook: Core Concepts and Essential Recipes for iOS Programmers, Third Edition (2012) (I will try to find a newer edition in the library and post the link later)

Jan 31 13

Conceptual stuff 1/31

by Clint Bagwell

Lev manovich:

Los Carpinteros

Guy Overfelt

Kristin Lucas

Tehching Hsieh

Sophie Calle




(bit) Suicide Box



Information/data based art


Temp art resources

London Field Gallery:

Temporary Automomous Art:

Jan 24 13

Social Movements: Links 1/24

by Clint Bagwell

Here is the website for Burning Man:


Art critic Mark Van Proyen contrasts the surreal exclusivity of a giant Art Expo with the surreal openness of Black Rock City:

Occupy Wall Street:


Info about Arab Spring:


More from K.K. about mobile cultures:

Jan 23 13

Info 1/23

by Clint Bagwell

This is a link to that article about Vernacular Video we discussed:

Several of you have mentioned iPhone apps for video, here are links to some that have come up in conversation:

If you find any other apps that you might recommend let me know and I will add to the list