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Jan 20 13

Follow up on the Kevin Kelly discussion

by Clint Bagwell

The issue of autonomy of machines was brought up; I agree it is a complicated premise, but this might help clarify:

Kelly is suggesting that the “technium” has a degree of autonomy, but like a newborn baby is still dependent on its creators to survive. Over time, this may change so that machines become more self sufficient.

Also, on the question of the Amish and their relationship to technology: This is an interesting article in which Kelly refers to them as “hackers”

Jan 17 13

Resources 1/17

by Clint Bagwell



Colossal blog occasionally has some conceptual stuff:


Erik Davis podcast:

Also accessible on iTunes:


More about Kevin Kelly:


Indie Game, The Movie:

Jan 15 13


by Clint Bagwell

Links to some of the items we viewed in class, and others

Kutiman: thru-you (Funk chords)

Tentacles: gaming/public space

Samson Young: music

Mark amerika cell phone video:



ascii street view:


self control:

LoVid: performance


Conor McGarrigle (GPS):

Christine/Peppermint (social):

Jan 12 13


by Clint Bagwell

This is a site for the 2013 VCU Mobile Applications course (KINE 491 Sec. 001). Check back for more info and links to media discussed in class.

-Clint Bagwell