Alumni Profile Update: Dr. Timothy Pierce

Timothy Pierce is newly graduated from the PharmD program at the VCU School of Pharmacy and has begun his career as a community pharmacist.  Employed by Walmart Pharmacy Neighborhood Market in Central Virginia, Pierce has the opportunity to serve not one but multiple locations, increasing the range and diversity of patients that he sees.  Within this profession Pierce continues to stay involved with local communities and the variety of responsibilities it brings.


During my day I’m verifying prescriptions that were written by physicians while monitoring for any drug interactions or therapeutic duplications that the patient might experience. My position also requires me to vaccinate adults ages 18 and over. Vaccinations range from influenza to hepatitis series immunizations. Patient counseling plays a huge role in my job description. It is the obligation of a pharmacist to first do no harm to the patient, and educating patients on different medication regimens will help to enforce that policy.”

Now that his days are filled with professional practice, Pierce is relishing how pharmacy has turned out to be the rewarding career he thought it would be.

“Being a practicing pharmacist is an awesome feeling. Having the opportunity to practice pharmacy in a community environment and playing an integral role in the well-being of patients is extremely gratifying. It’s been a dream of mine to [meet] the medical needs of society, and now I’m living my dream.”

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