Panelists for Crafting Content: Creation, Scholarship and Organization

Crafting Content: Creation, Scholarship and Organization
April 25, 2013

Joshua EckhardtJoshua Eckhardt (moderator)—Joshua Eckhardt is an associate professor and the director of the MA program in English at VCU; the author of “Manuscript Verse Collectors” (Oxford, 2009); an assistant textual editor for “The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne” (Indiana); and a founding, general co-editor of British Virginia, VCU’s pilot program in digital publishing.

Ben Fino-RadinBen Fino-Radin (panelist)—Ben Fino-Radin is a New York-based media archaeologist, and conservator of born-digital or computer-based works of contemporary art. At Rhizome, he leads the preservation and curation of the ArtBase, one of the oldest and most comprehensive collections of born-digital works of art. He is also in practice in the conservation department of the Museum of Modern Art, managing the development of a digital conservation repository and contributing to born-digital conservation initiatives.

Francesca FioraniFrancesca Fiorani (panelist)—Francesca Fiorani, associate professor of art history at the University of Virginia, is an expert on the relationship between art and science in Renaissance and Baroque Europe. The author of “The Marvel of Maps: Art, Cartography and Politics in Renaissance Italy” (Yale University Press, 2005), she has written extensively on the representation of space, cartography, mapping and art theory. The director of the digital archive Leonardo da Vinci and His Treatise on Painting, in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities, she is currently completing a book on Leonardo da Vinci’s shadows considered from the point of view of artistic practice, optics, philosophy and culture.

Michael Poston (panelist)—Michael Poston is the database applications associate at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Notable work includes Folger Digital Texts and the Shakespeare Quartos Archive. He has developed and designed numerous digital projects for the Folger, including scholarly resources like the Union First Line Manuscript Index, PLRE.Folger (Private Libraries in Renaissance England), a paleography transcription and collation site called Dromio, a tool for teaching the history of the book called Impos[i]tor and digital displays for Folger Exhibitions.

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