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Students and Alumni,

Here are more jobs from hirebusrams.  Please take a minute to plug the job ID number in the advance search box to get the job details.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Job Title and Job ID number
Software Developer Intern 3568
Strategic Marketing Internship 3573
Community Housing Intern 3578
Retail Leadership Development Program 3579
Talent Attraction Associate 3580
Talent Attraction Associate 3581
Operations Supervisor 3583
Sales and Marketing Intern 3585
Summer Field Specialist (Striped Bass Seine) 3586
Client Service Specialist 3587
Marketing Assistant, Media Design 3588
Marketing Assistant 3590
Vault Clerk 3592
Telephone Sales Representatives 3593
Marketing & Communications Manager 3595
Junior Software Developer 3597
Intern 3598
Inside Sales Representative 3599
Bilingual (Spanish) Inside Sales/Customer Service Representative 3600
Assistant Restaurant Managers 3606
Bilingual Broker Trainee – Mandarin/Cantonese 3607
Bilingual Broker Trainee – Spanish 3608
Regional Coordinator 3610
Account Executive 3612
Customer Service 3619
Financial Professional 3620
Strategic Sales & Marketing Intern 3623
Part Time Package Handlers 3624
Project Analyst 3628
Intern 3631






Peter Olatuyi: His job success story at Travelers; a wonderful, happy ending!

                                                               Peter Olatuyi

Peter's professional shot

It seems only fitting to write a final success wrap-up for my mentee Peter Olatuyi. If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that I featured Peter several times. He was the VCU senior finance student who was hit by a car in Nov. 2012. The accident and recovery time set Peter back in terms of graduating because he had to miss so much time from school and there were so many adjustments to be made. It was a struggle when he returned to school because his car, laptop, and phone were all destroyed because of the impact of the collision. In addition, he was on crutches (a plate had to be inserted into his leg) and now had to rely on friends to get around. The financial burden of the accident was also overwhelming.

Peter at Graduation Partypic 2
Peter, who was originally scheduled to graduate in May 2013, finally graduated in Dec. 2013  (picture 2-Peter giving a speech at his graduation party). Like most new alumni, he was aggressive in the job search process hoping to find a full-time position in the insurance field as soon as possible.
I asked Peter to share a bit about his experience with the search process and he said:  “Searching for a job is never fun. Realistically, it becomes tiring after applying to jobs and not getting hired or even hearing back from the employers. It felt good to be called for interviews but that wasn’t enough. I needed an offer. I remember applying to several business-related position with diverse companies. I know I possess passion, and the professional skills every employer should desire. I met with my career counselor, Darlene, a couple more times to update her on my search for a job. She was definitely a great resource for me and gave me the right encouragement needed (picture 3) .

Peter and Darlene at VCUpic 3
Most graduating seniors don’t walk right into a new job opportunity. Instead the average search time is between 3 & 6 months.


I asked Peter how he stayed positive while job searching, especially when things seemed to be moving rather slowly. Instead of falling into a slump, Peter decided to set up an on-line magazine, called “M-Lifestyle”. He said, “I knew by this platform, I could add value to people’s lives. I felt like there are so many youth out there who are doing extraordinary things but have little or no recognition. This magazine is committed to showcasing and celebrating “renaissance youth” the young people who are not intimidated by the communities in which they live, young people who thrive in the space beyond their comfort zones, and young people who dare to rule their world. We want to inspire our audience by featuring the inspired. I was able to register my business on this platform and the first publication will be out in the month of May. The whole experience has taught me that delays could be a blessing in disguise”.

Travelers Umbrella

Offer!  Peter fits right in the 3-6 month job search time line! In April 2014, he accepted a full-time position with Travelers as a Field Support Specialist.
How did he find the Travelers position? The Human Resources Manager for Travelers, Sharan Gore, was not a stranger to Peter, or many other business majors and alumni here at VCU. Peter has interacted with her at several career fairs, at career-related workshops and even had a mock interview with Ms. Gore last year. When he heard that Travelers was hiring, he applied right away and followed-up with Ms. Gore to let her know he applied. That on-going relationship and the networking with Ms. Gore really paid off.

Another reason to Celebrate:
On April 16, Peter had to take off, because something else was going on that was extremely exciting. This was Peter’s day to celebrate becoming a US Citizen! (picture 4 & picture 4.1 Peter & his dad).

Peter and Citizenshippic 4            Peter and Dad- Citizenship Ceremonypic 4.1
When he returned to work the next day, his Traveler’s family wanted to celebrate with him as well. There were red, white and blue cupcakes, a flag and other United States icons all around his work area! (picture 5)

Peter & Travelerspic 5
It is great to be a career counselor and a mentor for a ton of amazing business students and alumni going through the job search process. There can be unexpected challenges and frustrations along the way, but Peter said it best, “With all of the things that have happened to me, I believe everything happens for a reason. Don’t quit.  Persistence is a key to progress”.

Congratulations from all of us Peter! You have made us proud!


FT Marketing Assistant position at Avertest

Job Title: Marketing Assistant

Department: Administration/Corporate

Reports to: Director of Sales & Marketing

FLSA Status: Exempt

Prepared Date: April 18, 2014


Avertest, a leading provider of forensic toxicology services, is seeking an enthusiastic individual with a strong work ethic to assist with sales and marketing initiatives. This position is designed to allow for career advancement and will report to the Director of Sales & Marketing.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned:

  • Conducts market research related to potential new customers
  • Assists with implementing service for new customers
  • Drafts and submit proposals to potential new customers
  • Reviews requests for proposals to determine if there is a fit between customer needs and Avertest services
  • Drafts marketing materials (flyers, booths, videos, presentations, etc.)
  • Assists with maintain and updated website content
  • Researches and compile competitor information
  • Coordinates trade show conference schedule and activities
  • Attends industry relevant conferences
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities
  • Assists senior management in all sales and marketing efforts


  • Knowledge of principles and procedures for providing customer services
  • Knowledge of principles for showing, promoting and selling products
  • Knowledge of effective sales and marketing strategies
  • Knowledge of the criminal justice field
  • Skill in active listening
  • Skill in the use of logic and reasoning to develop solutions
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Skill in the use of computers, especially in the maintenance of a sales database
  • Skill in use of graphic design applications
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Ability to present to large groups and/or senior and executive level officials
  • Ability to identify new opportunities for growth


  • A BA/BS degree in business administration or marketing
  • 1-3 years of experience in a sales and marketing role
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to travel when needed
  • Relevant sales and marketing certifications are preferred
  • Knowledge of the criminal justice field is a preferred


  • Base pay of $35,000 to $45,000 depending on experience and qualifications
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Life Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Paid Time Off

To apply:  Resumes and cover letters should be emailed to: and copy

Tester position through Experis (IT or CS)

College graduation is around the corner! You are a creative person and want to not just think outside of the box, but maybe ignore that there is a box all together! You’re also looking for a competitive compensation package to begin to knock down those student loans.  We offer a stable, spirited corporate environment with an innovative edge.


We’re looking for Active Thinkers who love technology and can learn enterprise-level performance needs. Tactics are important, but you’ll never survive if you can’t develop Strategy first! You’ll test our kick-ass applications and make sure that our customers will always have a great experience with our apps. You’ll need to pay close attention and use deductive reasoning every day.  You’ll learn to be the Dr. Watson to our Sherlock Holmes.


 You’ll be a perfect fit if you have:


·         A passion for learning from our teams.


·         Strong communication and teamwork skills.


·         Find and fix performance issues in our software and systems.


·         Love analysis as much (or more!) than Doritos and can analyze issues from both a Performance or Production standpoint.


·         Can manage multiple projects and deadlines at the same time. Blindfolded. With one hand tied behind your back.


·         Appreciate the fine art of executing repeatable, maintainable, and secure processes.


·         Communicate easily with Operations, Project Teams, Quality Service, as well as our Awesome Developers, Scrum Masters and Project Managers.


·         Passionately communicate historical and technical application knowledge wielding a whiteboard marker as your Mjölnir against bad application performance metrics.


·         Roll up your sleeves and dig in during all stages of the testing cycle.


·         Champion your vision and build a devoted following of teammates and internal customers alike


·         Test, Retest, and Report. Nothing gets by you!


·         Learn new ways of test execution and bring them to the team.


·         Love progress, status and KPM tracking and communicate results to the team.


·         Collect a lot of data! We can’t successfully test the platforms without enough. More is better!


·         Writing comes naturally for you, in a dry, technical, documenty sort of way

  Note from Darlene:  They are looking for May 2014 graduates or alumni 2-3 years out. 

W. Garth Callaghan
Business Development Manager




4801 Cox Road, Suite 202


Glen Allen, Virginia 23060



+1 804-521-5219


+1 804-521-5201


+1 804-502-5506

IT Student Associate in the VCU School of Business


The Office of Technology Services

IT Student Associate


The VCU School of Business is seeking a student employee for the Office of Technology Services in a technology support capacity. This position would be responsible for:

-Providing technical support for minor troubleshooting of classroom equipment

-Minor troubleshooting of hardware and software of staff and faculty computers with restricted administrative rights only

-Assist in computer imaging

-Assist in computer replacements

-Providing technical support to faculty, staff and co-workers

-Other duties as assigned


-Knowledge in troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing hardware and software

-Working knowledge of best practices in PC and Mac desktop standards, security and administration

-Knowledge of Microsoft/Mac specific products (Including Windows and MS Office software, iOS and Mac OS.  As well as knowledge of common business software and applications working with web browsers, Adobe Acrobat etc.

-Computer and customer service skills to provide faculty, staff and co-workers with technical support

-Ability to effectively communicate complex information in a professional manner so that it is easily understandable to computer users at all levels

-Ability to work in a diverse and fast paced environment

This position would be working no more than 20 hours a week at a hourly rate of $8.25.

To apply:  Please send your resume to and copy


Big 4 Accounting Success for Vu Nguyen!

I know it is not easy.  There is tremendous pressure on senior accounting students to secure a full-time offer before they graduate.  During the accounting recruiting season, students juggle a heavy class load, remain active in student organizations, network with employers, try and maintain high GPAs, volunteer, work in their field, attend career-related events and have to find time to interview.

Senior accounting major, Vu Nguyen, would probably agree that the process is demanding.   Vu stands out to me because of his quiet nature and his professionalism.   Vu and I connected in early 2012 during our career counseling appointments.  Like most juniors, he was looking for an internship in his major to build his resume and gain first-hand experience.  With his strong GPA, I suggested that he register for the Accounting Internship class, where he interviewed and was placed at the Virginia Credit Union as an Internal Audit Intern.

When the fall 2013 Accounting Season began, Vu, now armed with an accounting internship and dynamite resume, aggressively jumped right in with very high hopes.   As a full-time student, he was extremely busy networking and interviewing with several companies.  If that was not enough, Vu was now one of the leaders in Beta Alpha Psi, where he was also earning volunteer hours and was active with career center activities as well.  He mock interviewed with one of the recruiters with the Big 4 and attended almost every workshop we presented to make sure that he was as prepared as possible.

So what happens when you do everything right, and there still isn’t an offer?  At the end of the fall semester, Vu came to visit me and brought me one of the nicest, kindest and most heartfelt card I have ever received in the 22 years I have been in student services.   In the card, Vu thanked me for helping him build professional skills and for my willingness to listen and help.   Vu admitted that he was feeling a bit discouraged because he had not received an offer.  My advice was simple.  I encouraged him to get back out there and continue to do all of the things he had been doing and stay positive.

Good things come to those who wait:  By the Spring, Vu landed another part-time accounting position, but continued to interview for that allusive full time offer.

In March 2014, Vu stopped by to share with me that he landed the Financial Services Assurance Staff position with Ernst &Young!

Let Vu’s experience be a motivator for all of you.  When things do not quite happen as quickly as you would like, make sure you stay positive and continue to get yourself out there.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, find a mentor and try again, and again, and again.  The payoff is usually AMAZING!!

Vu Nguyen 04-10-14

Another new set of jobs in hirebusrams

When you have a minute, scan the list below of the latest jobs and if anything looks interesting, sign on to your hirebusrams account and plug the 4 digit job code # under the advance search tab.  You will find the company name, job descriptions and information on how to apply.

Titles of jobs                                                                                                                Job ID #


Job Title Job Job ID
Int. Systems Programmer – UPS Freight  3445
Seasonal Teller 3447
IT Programmer 3448
Marketing Administrator 3449
Marketing Intern 3451
Business Analyst 3454
Inside Sales Representative 3455
Production Supervisor – 2nd Shift 3459
Sports Tourism Intern 3460
Associate Analyst 3461
Business Analyst 3462
PC Support Intern 3463
Operational Due Diligence Associate 3466
Hospitality Positions (Various) 3468
Web designer intern 3470
Sales Director – Regional 3473
AT&T Retail Leadership Development Program 3474
Financial Planner Career Track – Planning Assistant 3475
AT&T Business Sales Leadership Development Program and BSLDP Technical Sales Consultant 3476
Customer Service Intern 3477
Recruiting Intern 3478
AT&T Technical Development Internships 3479
AT&T Technology Development Programs 3480
Web Specialist 3482
Computer Programmer II 3483
Nationwide Associate  3484
New Account Development Representative 3485
Production and Operations Management 3486
Marketing 3487
Performance Analyst 3488
Entry Level Account Sales Representative  3490
Production Manager 3491
Assistant Manager 3492
Financial & Business Analyst 3493
Team Lead – Food & Beverage 3499
Supervisor – Food & Beverage 3500
Pet Care Associate-Seasonal 3502
Jr Budget Analyst – USMC 3504
Office help 3505
Logistics Senior Analyst 3507
Customer Support 3509
HR Benefits Coordinator/Generalist #14-14 3525
Client Data Analyst 3526
Lead Strategic Analyst 3529
Executive Assistant/Travel Supervisor 3531
Worker’s Comp Safety Clerk 3535
Accounting Support Specialist 3536
Administrative Assistant 3537
Innovation & Transition Manager 3538
Financial Auditor I/ Sr. Financial  Auditor I/II 3541
Social Media Intern 3542
Administrative Assistant 3543
Sales / Business Manager  3545
Entry Level Client Manager  3547
Finance Internship 3549
Sales / Business Manager  3550
Assistant Trade Promotions Manager 3551
Office Coordinator 3552
Co-Founder/Partner  3553
Online Marketing Analyst 3554
Software Analyst 3555
Web / Sales Intern 3556
Finance Intern 3557
Financial Advisor/Sales Consultant 3558
Solutions Specialist 3561
Mortgage Account Executive 3563
Recycling Consultant 3564
Marketing Associate 3565
QA Analyst – Performance Testing 3567
Software Developer Intern 3568