I am hearing rumors that several of you have received job offers!

Is it true?!?

If you read my blog, then you know that I am always super excited to post your job success stories. Now that the fall semester is just about over (wow, can you believe it?)  I want to make sure I broadcast all job successes. If you have found a part-time, full-time position, internships or if you have a job offer, please make sure that you send me an email letting me know. Include your year in school or if you are an alum, your major, job title and company.  ***If you have time, you can also share any advice with others in terms of being successful in the job search process.

Not only do I share these success stories here on my blog, but if you give me permission, I would like to share it on the School of Business Career website and in our newsletter. In these times, all success stories are important and deserve recognition….AND I have been told by many that success stories motivate others to keep on trying!

Thank you all for your support. Keep the emails coming, check my blog and make sure you are keeping your eye on RamsRecruiting.

Have comments or questions? Email is the best way to catch me: dward@vcu.edu


Darlene W. Thompson, MBA, M.Ed.
Asst. Director, VCU Career Center
School of Business Career Center