Entry Level SAP Analyst Role at Splash 4


The  Opportunity / About Us:
This is a call to the curious learners, the goal orientated dreamers, and the good-natured achievers. Ifany of this describes you, then Splash 4 Partners (“S4P”) invites  you to apply for the firm’s open analyst position (read as hands-on doer, not high-level strategist). We are looking for someone who might have wondered:  What software helps police dispatchers deploy patrol officers?
 How technology is changing how doctors and nurses do their jobs?
 How investors choose which companies to invest in?
 Why Clear Pepsi failed?
 Why lawyers bill in six minute increments?

Splash 4 Partners, a boutique management consultancy, is hiring an analyst for their growing practice. Led by two founding principals, S4P works with private equity firms, middle market executives and business owners, hospital systems, and lenders to make investment decisions, develop and execute growth strategies, identify acquisition targets, and enter new markets. For more about the firm use your research skills and let us know what you find and why you want to work at Splash 4 Partners.

The analyst will work with and be trained by the principals in Richmond, Virginia. Firm engagements range from deep dive industry studies to long-term strategy creation for organizations. It is more important to be curious, driven, and detail orientated than it is to have a background in any particular subject area. The principals will provide hands on training and guidance to develop necessary business,
industry, and financial acumen.

Skills (What you bring to the table):  Strong secondary research
 Strong logic and reasoning skills  Curiosity  Asks good questions and not afraid to challenge or be challenged
 An appreciation for process  Pays close attention to detail  Calm under pressure
 Takes ownership of assignments big and small  Takes pride in work, constantly looks to improve their craft, and absorbs feedback  Ability to communicate effectively (in writing, via phone, and in person) with a wide variety of

Responsibilities (What you will be doing):

 Deep secondary research
 PowerPoint creation and formatting
 Data analysis  Primary research
 Customer interviews  Report writing and copy editing
 Scheduling
 Learn
 And more

How to Apply (Instructions on how to impress):
Email us your resume and cover letter to jgrosshandler@splash4partners. Cover letters should be their own separate document from the resume. The cover letter should highlight who you are, why you are interested in working at S4P, and what makes you uniquely qualified. In the body of the email, please answer one odd and one even question from the list below with extreme brevity.
1. If you were given seven minutes to teach me something what would it be?
2. What is your favorite market failure?
3. What is at the top of your learner’s bucket list?
4. What metric(s) would you use to objectively evaluate the best hip-hop song of all time?