IT Success at CarLotz For Malik Hicks!

We are excited to hear from Malik.  Here are his own words with going through the process of finding an internship this fall!
Time and time again, I kept asking myself “What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I seem to get hired? Is it because of my lack of experience in the technological field? But isn’t that what an internship is for?” I felt lost to answer this question as I could always get my foot in the door to as far as first and second interviews for whatever position I applied for. But it wasn’t until I started revisiting the career services again for the school year that I learned… I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was doing everything right.
I first started visiting the career fair the first semester of my junior year as I had just switched to become an IS Major during the spring semester of my sophomore year.  It was a whole new experience as it allowed me the opportunity to receive help with my resume and actually get the feeling of how an actual interview was conducted.
But ultimately,  the best part about going to career services was being able to meet the staff and seeing how personable they were with me as I could feel their support as each and everyone one of them wished for my success and I loved that. It was because of that support that I went to the Career Fair with confidence and and never gave up when applying to job positions while improving who I was at the same time.


So, to all my fellow individuals who feel this way, please go to Career Services as they can really help.  I am a living example of how they changed me. For me, I truly thank Darlene, Laura, and Madeline for opening their schedules to help me.
And now, I look forward to starting my fall internship with CarLotz this week and gaining the experience that it has to offer!
Malik Hicks, Information Systems major, May 2018
Congratulations to you Malik and thanks for sharing your info for the Blog!