EPUB Add-on for Firefox

For any of you whose research sometimes takes you to Epub documents, EPUBReader may be a time saver.

The EPUBReader add-on for Firefox allows you to open Epub documents directly in the Firefox browser window.  The tool has been a help to me in searches of the Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org/) where some digitized texts are available only in an epub format.


Exporting/Archiving Blackboard Courses

Use Archive if your goal is to preserve all aspects of a course along with student interaction (and optionally) the gradebook.

Use Export if your goal is to export select structures and content for the purpose of bringing into a future course.

Find the Export/Archive Course utility
in the Control Panel
under the subhead  Packages and Utilities.

Screenshots and instructions explaining the Archive procedure are available from VCU Technology Services on their “Archive a Course” page.

See also “Difference Between Export/Import, Archive, and Copy” at

Archived Blackboard courses with student and grade information need to be treated as privileged infomation, even in this compressed form.  (Keep your archive files on a password-protected system or in a secure location, not, for instance, on a thumb drive you use daily and might lose.)

Many thanks to Les Harrison for recommending to us the bFree Blackboard Course Content Extractor, available free from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  This utility allows you to quickly uncompress and view the contents of an  archived Blackboard course without having to import the course back into the institution’s Blackboard structure.