The projects that I have lead (co-facilitated) during my time at VCU include:
  • ALT Lab Learning Spaces Program
  • ALT Lab Brown Bag Lunch Faculty Development Program
    • 2014-2015
      • School of Business
      • School of Music
    • 2015-2016
      • Engineering
      • Sociology
      • Wilder School – HSEP
      • School of the Arts
  • Faculty Learning Communities
    • VCU School of Business creative problem solving 2014-2015
    • Technologically Enhanced Active Learning in large lecture classrooms 2015-2016
    • E-Service Learning 2015-2016
  • Assessment that Matters
    • Collaboration between faculty development, Institutional Assessment and various departments.
      • Goal: to clearly align university and accreditation initiatives and goals with schools, departments, programs, courses, assignments and pedagogy to promote deep learning and student success.
Service on Advisory Boards, Committees, Task Forces and include:

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