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  1. I share your interest in how faculty learn new media as well as exploring how facilitator roles can increase online teaching presence in various subject disciplines.

    You might be interested in another Garrison article from my own vector course bib that I will publish soon:

    Online community of inquiry review: social, cognitive, and teaching presence issues
    Sloan Consortium by DR Garrison – ‎Cited by 246 – ‎Related articles
    methodological validity associated with the community of inquiry framework.

    Article Summary:
    The first issue is about shifting social presence from socio-emotional support to a focus on group cohesion (from personal to purposeful relationships).
    The second issue concerns the progressive development of cognitive presence (inquiry) from exploration to resolution. That is, moving discussion beyond the exploration phase.
    The third issue has to do with how we conceive of teaching presence (design, facilitation, direct instruction). More specifically, is there an important distinction between facilitation and direct instruction?

    Today I started making a scrapbook of vector associates profiles who influenced my ThoughtVector final course blog (work in process) You are my first associate in this new purposeful learning community (aka Seth Godin Tribes or Vectorspace Groupthink). As a lurker in Vectorspaces, I think that academic and research teams benefit from research conversations with others outside their disciplines or level of expertise. My discipline-based training is Mathematics, Computer Science, Distance Learning, Psychology, Early Childhood Education, and most recently Library and Information Science. I continue to explore the findings from Project Information Literacy (PIL) a large-scale, national study about early adults and their research habits, conducted in partnership with the University of Washington’s iSchool.

    BTW my current vectorspace blog feed is a workspace for all the cMOOCs I am enrolled this summer(Blendkit2014, CLMOOC, VectorSpaces). I plan to create a new blog for my final inquiry project (stay tuned).

    1. Thanks! This is huge. I would love to explore with you my thoughts as I move these reflections toward a formal study. I love the idea of a ThoughtVector profile scrapbook.

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