RVA Breathes

Does your child have asthma? If so, you may be eligible to participate in our community asthma program, RVA Breathes. We are looking for children with asthma who attend kindergarten through 4th grade at a Richmond City Public School. We are testing whether our asthma program helps families manage their child’s asthma. If you decide to participate, you and your child would participate in several research visits in your homes across 2 years. You will randomly be assigned to one of three groups in our study. Our program includes a community health worker (someone who can teach you about asthma) and a person from Healthy Homes (this program helps to reduce asthma triggers in your house). You may be assigned to a group that also includes communication with your child’s school nurse. Our last group is the usual care you receive for your child’s asthma.  At each visit, you and your child would complete research questionnaires. Some visits will only last 30 minutes; some will last about 2 hours. You can receive up to $340 for participating in our program. To find out more, please call Dr. Robin Everhart’s research lab in the Department of Psychology at VCU (828-6093) or email (reverhart@vcu.edu). Visit https://tinyurl.com/rvabreathes to see if RVA Breathes might be a good fit for your family.